Why Choose WBUD for Online Marijuana?

For those readers not familiar with WBUD…

WBUD’s management has decades of experience in all aspects of the BC Bud marijuana business:

  • Online & Dispensary Stores
  • Growers
  • Pioneers

Our philosophy is simple:

  • Fine Product
  • Fair Price
  • Fast Delivery
  • Free Gifts

Grower Geniuses in BC

BC Bud didn’t get known around the world as the best for no reason.

Some WBUD clients have mentioned that the quality of the big licensed producers’ weed is poor. WBUD has opinions why this happens but that’s for another blog. Regardless, it appears that smaller growers with decades of experience producing world class weed in BC consistently outperformed the majority of growers in the rest of North America for decades.

Our clients outside of BC consistently report that the quality of many of the WBUD strains is the best they have ever had. WBUD has excellent long-term relationships with our suppliers, so we know what we are offering to our clients. Our staff samples our product too.

With the increased competition in the online marijuana market and anticipated growth from legalization for recreational marijuana – supply has increased. Growers want to move their product as soon as it is produced. So the prices on the supply side have dropped. WBUD passed this price decrease on to our clients. Most other sites did not.

Recently, we have seen some price decreases in the online market. Even so, comparisons at the same level of quality indicate WBUD still sells a better quality product for less than the competition at regular prices.

WBUD Strain categories are:

BC BUD Regular

Excellent BC Bud strains from Blue Dream to White Widow.

Top Shelf

Premium strains.

Super Killz

Rare and Special Strains.

Top Shelf and Super Killz strains are economical because of the higher potency. Use less to get your intended result.

And many of our BC Bud Regular strains are very potent too! Read our client’s product reviews.

WBUD offers excellent product for the lowest prices on its regular pricing for each strain. Even so, many people are conditioned for an “on sale” mentality. So we run discounts to entice people to learn about us. Plus we have a seniors discount of 10% on Top Shelf when there are no promotions.

WBUD pricing and promotions are not based on blowing out old stock or because we picked up a big supply of lower grade pot for a huge discount. It’s our core philosophy to help people as much as we can with a great product and phenomenal value.

For more info, please check out our blog post What are Top Shelf Marijana Strains?

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