What Type Of Cannabis Concentrates Can Your Buy Online?

When you buy cannabis concentrates online, you need to know you are getting the best possible product for your specific needs. From medicinal management to casual enjoyment, there is a range of products on offer suited to your lifestyle, preferences and, most importantly, your wallet. Read on to find out more about these options n offer to you.

Shatter, Wax, Oil, And More

BHO is often considered the most popular marijuana range around when looking at these refined products. This selection, ranging in grade and profile, uses butane for extraction before going through a filtration process, stripping it of any remaining impurities. This process, known as “purging,” removes any lingering solvent to ensure the resulting product is 100% safe to consume.

Rosin And Hash Rosin

Rosin is a prized version of refined marijuana sought after for its purity, potency, and flavour. Unlike other concentrates, it is not extracted using a solvent. But instead, hash makers squeeze rosin meticulously out of plant materials like dried flowers, kief, and trim using nothing but heat and pressure. As no solvents are involved, rosin retains more of the natural terpenes and flavonoids found in the plant’s natural state. The resulting product is smooth and flavorful to smoke with a reasonably powerful effect, giving you a complete overall experience.

CO2 Oil

These refined oils are produced through an extraction process that uses CO2 gas. Extractors shoot supercritical CO2 into a tube filled with fresh flower, removing elements like cannabinoids and terpenes from plant matter, and filtering it out into a golden liquid. However, because the CO2 extraction process takes place at a lower temperature, more of the plant’s natural terpenes and flavours are preserved. As a result, both CO2 oil and BHO fill different niches, and neither one is comparatively better aside from asking for someone’s personal preference.


The distillate is a concentrated oil without any of the natural waxes, terpenes, flavonoids, or other compounds found naturally in the plant. Instead, this substance is refined to contain only a specific cannabinoid, in most cases, either THC or CBD. THC is the most common target of distillate makers, although CBD distillate is also typical with its current popularity. Distillate undergoes a complex extraction, separation, and purification process to get it to a super-fine purity level. The result is a unique and potent oil that has been systematically stripped, resulting in a distillate with incredibly high purity within the 99th percentile.

Cannabis concentrates are available to buy from reputable stores online. You can find the correct strain and grades to fit your needs with our selection. Our team can help you navigate the products on offer and ensure you get the best range for the effects you are looking for. Contact us today to find out more.