What To Know About The Dank Schrader Strain

The Dank Schrader strain presents a potent Indica cannabis for producing medium-sized buds. This strong selection often looks olive green with amber hues, giving off a duller colour synonymous with Indica dominant plants. However, its scent and taste are sweet, earthy, and herbal, with pinene among the most consistent terpenes. Funnily enough, this selection has grown famous because of its name, the name of DEA Agent Hank Schrader and dedicated to his final season of Breaking Bad, the famous television show. Read on to find out a bit more about this unique plant selection.

Understanding The Strain

This famous bud is a cross between the Indica Rockstar Kush and Indica Bubba Kush, first brought to life under the care of The Healing Center in Vancouver, BC. Seen to be one of the more potent options available, it can boast THC levels averaging 25%-28%, making it more suited to a seasoned smoker. However, novice consumers must be cautious when consuming this bud, managing their smoking through small tokes or hits. Its high is known to have long-lasting, heavy effects that will make your body lazy but your mind clear. The mental awareness also allows this experience to get slightly chatty when smoed with friends. When alone or unstimulated, on the other hand, you might feel spacy or slide into a state of introspection. Philosophical thoughts will be sure to follow, and more than likely lead to sleepiness. This wind down is often why many people enjoy this strain for insomnia, fighting off nightmares, and pain.

Visual Profile

The bud you will see in your hand should be light in colour, olive buds mixed with fiery orange and yellow pistils. There is usually only a little clear trichome coverage along the bud. Resin, however, is plentiful, proving why this is one of the potent ones. A more savoury smoke in flavour, this plant boasts a more earthy range of terpenes, with smells of pine and herbs giving you a slight tea taste on the exhale. Strong sour elements are also present, which means the smell will easily make its way to every corner of your building.

In High Doses

While this high-quality bud is sought after, it is also very potent and must be consumed responsibly. Paranoia, anxiety, dizziness, or headache might creep into your high if consuming Dank Schrader in high doses. Be sure to take smaller hits and have patience with the effects, giving each drag the ability to work before diving in for more.

The Dank Schrader strain is a wonderfully crafted cross that presents clean and defined effects. It can be enjoyed easily and give you a brilliant off-to-bed bud for your busy days. In addition, our professional services allow you access to a wide selection of high-quality cannabis products to suit your personal needs. Contact us today to find out more about these solutions.