What Method Works Best for Medicating with Marijuana?

It is now well known around the world that marijuana is very effective in treating and relieving symptoms for many serious medical conditions. Consistent anecdotal proof, medical doctors’ reports and research studies have confirmed this. Most of the therapeutic (healing) properties of marijuana are unique to it. The side effects are minimal or negligent depending on method of use.

Smoking & Vaping

The first thing people think about for dosing with marijuana is smoking or vaping bud. Inhaling works quickest, yet it is the least effective at 10 – 20% efficiency in delivering available THC, CBD and other effective ingredients. One must keep dosing periodically. However, it is easy to regulate dosage and is relatively inexpensive and easily available in Canada.


Edibles loaded with THC and CBD are popular with many different food products, mainly sweet. candies, gummy bears, chocolate and health bars, cookies and other baked goods, suckers, ice cream, popcorn, etc. A longer effect is delivered by edibles but they take 30 – 90 minutes to start working. The high is a little different than inhaling and it is easy to create a precise dosage. Efficiency level is approximately 20%. Marijuana edibles bypass any issues users may have with inhaling. They are great for medicating children and the elderly too.

Tinctures & Sprays

THC and CBD used under the tongue or sprayed into the mouth work in about 10 minutes. It is very easy to control dosages and the taste is mild. Good for children and on-the-go use. A more expensive alternative than the other intake methods if larger dosages are required. But it is effective and convenient and private.

Creams & Lotions

Applied topically to the skin, there are no psychoactive effects. Lotions, ointments and salves are easy to use and work usually in 15 minutes or less. Effective for relieving pains, aches, insomnia and some skin issues.


Rick Simpson Oil, also known as RSO and Phoenix Tears are used when high concentrations are required. A small amount of the concentrated THC and/or CBD oil is taken orally twice per day.


If one is not adverse to the method of use, THC suppositories are the best choice. Suppositories deliver an efficiency of up to 70%. So you get more of the medicinal benefits using this method. There are no side effects and it is very private. Especially useful for individuals with the inability to inhale or use edibles. It takes about 10 – 15 minutes to work and can last 4 to 8 hours. As always with marijuana products – it is up to each person’s needs, preferences and tolerance levels. © 2018 WholesaleBud.ca

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