What is the Best Marijuana Strain for Anxiety? – Part 1

It has become well known recently that marijuana is effective in treating anxiety and other related issues such as stress and depression including PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). People suffering from anxiety disorders suffer daily and the condition gets worse over time. It is not just caused by fear or a brief worry. In many cases they suffer alone, even surrounded by friends and loved ones. The active ingredient in marijuana that works effectively to relieve anxiety is CBD. In earlier WBUD blogs regarding CBD (Cannabidiol) we have described the difference between it and THC. In short, CBD has no psychoactive effects – it does not get you high. THC gets you high. Typically, pure Sativa or Sativa dominant weed is calming and delivers a euphoric effect that is an excellent mood enhancer. (One Indica dominant is on this list, Fire OG.) And numerous research studies have confirmed CBD’s effectiveness. But it is not right to just simply focus on the CBD content in marijuana. Since THC is present – and it can create feelings of anxiety in some people –the balance of CBD and THC is important. CBD reduces or eliminates any anxious feelings brought on by THC. There are also other active ingredients in marijuana that are being studied. So from years of use, anecdotal information indicates what strains are better than others. And new studies are confirming the common knowledge.

So here are the best WBUD Marijuana Strains for Anxiety:

  • Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 65% Sativa / 35% Indica
  • High THC – Very popular for Pain Med & Socializing
AK-47 is perhaps a little misnamed. It doesn’t blast you. Instead it delivers a combination of Sativa clarity, euphoria and peacefulness with an Indica Body Buzz. “I really like this strain. It makes me feel energized, and it’s a bit psychedelic. Colours seem brighter. Nice looking dense nugs, and it stinks a lot when you smoke it. I would give it a 7/10 for potency. And for the price, it’s definitely worth it.!!”
  • Sativa Dominant Hybrid
  • High THC & High CBD also.
At the top of the list for many longtime marijuana users. This Sativa dominant Hybrid is very powerful and induces an uplifting cerebral high. First timers should be careful at first to determine dosage. ATF sneaks up on you and produces an intensity that is strangely relaxing at the same time. “I love this strain. I’ve ordered it twice and will order it again for sure. It’s great for pain relief. For me it’s not the best for daytime use. It hits more like an indica. So because it is so great at pain relief I mix it with some Jack Herer if I’m going to smoke it during the day and then I get the get the best of both strains and I don’t couch lock. It’s super smooth and super stinky. ATF is def one of my top 5 strains. Thanks!!”
  • Sativa Dominant – 80% Sativa / 20% Indica
  • Extremely High THC
Be careful with this mighty Sativa dominant strain. One toke is enough for most people. A powerful, smooth tasty lemony smoke that will get you creative and focused. Delivers one of the best highs ever. Some report hallucinogenic effects so remember, handle with care. Great for daytime use. Makes you feel great and want to get out and do things. “A true Legend worth trying. Dense buds, mellow on the throat, light pleasant flavour, quite good for pain. First toke impression was Wow then the buzz keeps growing for more than an hour. Getting greedy will lift the top of your head and possibly produce hallucinogenic effects.”
  • Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 60% Sativa / 40% Indica
  • High THC
A popular legendary marijuana strain. Delivers quick relief with no heavy feeling for chronic stress and chronic pain. Blue Dream tastes and smells like sweet blueberry pie along with fruity, herbal and vanilla. It produces a pleasing mellow body high and mind effect that leaves you motivated, creative and focused. Very good for daytime use. Expect about a 2-3 hour stone with Blue Dream. “Great strain!! Smells and tastes awesome!!!”
  • Indica Dominant Hybrid – 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
  • Very High THC
  • One of the most powerful OG Strains. Long lasting.
  • Especially great for relief of pain, anxiety and insomnia.
  • Beginners recommended to start with 1 – 2 hits. Comes on quickly.
The effect is a smooth transition. Fire OG starts out like a Sativa (energetic and euphoric), shifting to a Hybrid (calming yet alert) and ends as an Indica (peaceful and sleepy). “This flower is the best medication. Thank you guys for sending me a sample, just the sample has brought many great nights’ sleeps and relaxing days. Buy this strain you will not be disappointed.” What strain works best in your opinion? Let us know what strain works best for you by emailing us at [email protected]. For more strains for anxiety please see:  What is the best Marijuana Strain for Anxiety? – Part 2 © 2018 WholesaleBud.ca

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