What Is Mix N Match Cannabis?

Mix n match cannabis can be purchased online from our reliable stores, but what is it exactly? Simply put, it allows you to try multiple strains instead of only one at a time. Each strain features a unique blend of terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and other constituents that make up the overall experience. These molecules play important roles in determining the nature of the bud’s psychoactivity, effect, flavour and smell overall. Breeders design new strains by selecting the unique genetics of individual varieties and crossing them to form new strains. However, cannabis smokers can also blend the properties of each cultivar by simply consuming them together or at strategic times. Read on to find out more about these services.

Are Two Effects Better Than One?

This question arguably made cross-breeding so popular, taking two good strains to try to make something better. In the same way, mixing cannabis can be an interesting way of combining effects to test potential ideas or to try to enhance the experience. This mashup could mean mixing a more flavourful bud with something upbeat or more potent or testing effects when considering a cross. When you can purchase your bud online with a mix n match style solution, you can get a little bit of each rather than a single package. This service ensures you more freedom to try a collection of strains to see which you prefer or which work well together.

Tame Your High

A benefit of getting multiple strains at once is that it lets you control, maintain or even tame your high. This knowledge is an essential tool for smokers who are unsure of the strength of effects ahead of them. Some who enjoy a couch-lock type Indica could find some use in a mild Sativa to energize the body back into normal levels of movement. Others who enjoy a strong and psychoactive Sativa may need a mild to strong Indica blend to even them out and wind down the day. Many daily smokers will use a Sativa blend to get them through a work-intensive day and an Indica to help them switch off at night and get some sleep. When you have access to various strains, you can see which one works for you and how best to use them to your advantage.

Mix n Match cannabis online allows you to try multiple weed strains, whether house blends or your selection. This service ensures you can enjoy your bud responsibly, with a reliable, high-quality provider at your disposal. Contact us to find out more about these available strains.