8 of the Leading Must-Have Weed Essentials: Everything (Weed) That You Need In 2019

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What is more fun than smoking weed? Any smoker will tell you that getting a new toy to use in your smoke session only enhances the joy of cannabis.

And with weed becoming legal and more mainstream, new weed essentials are popping up in the market every day.

You can get your hands on the tools that make your toking easier and impress your friends with new gadgets. 

Here are the top 8 stoner accessories to get for 2019. 

1. Grinder Card

One of the first pot products that you bought from a head shop was probably a traditional grinder. You may have bought a cheap plastic one, avoiding the expensive, monster-size metal one. 

Nowadays you don’t need to use a bulky grinder at all to break your weed up. This grinder card is slim and lightweight so you can keep it in your wallet or purse. 

It is designed like a cheese grater with metal teeth acting as the grinder. You can crumble your bud on any surface or container to gather easily for a bowl or joint. 

2. Chillum

Sometimes the coolest and most efficient weed accessories are the most traditional ones. You don’t get much more classic than the Italian hand-made chillum. 

Originally used by spiritual gurus in India, the chillum has made a comeback as a respectful way to enjoy your bud. They come in many different sizes, materials, and price ranges. The Italian chillum can even sell for thousands of dollars. 

No matter which one you buy the technique for smoking is the same. It comes with a centerpiece that holds the weed in place. A thin cloth is used on the mouthpiece as a filter.

It is traditional to avoid touching the chillum with your hands and instead only touch the cloth wrapped around the tip as you smoke and pass.

3. Odor-Free To-Go Bag

Even though weed is legal in parts of the world now, it is still important to avoid drawing attention to your stash. That is why when transporting your cannabis you want to hide the potent odor.

A convenient carrying bag keeps all your accessories together and discrete from the public. Odor-free bags can be as simple as a pouch or more intricate with compartments for joints, lighters, and containers for bud, oil, and edibles. 

4. Dab Vaporizer

Do you love the quick and intense high of dabbing but hate using a torch? Now you can combine the satisfaction of dabbing with the health benefits of vaporizing with the EVO vaporizer. 

You don’t have to stress out about multitasking as you scoop up your oil, turn off the torch, and place the glass cover on your rig. With the EVO, you load the dab on the glass rig. Then place it on the base, put on the glass cover, and hit the button to start the heating process.

5. Cannabis Killer Candle

You love the smell of weed just as much as any stoner, but sometimes you don’t notice just how smelly your house has become. You don’t want to be ashamed of your hobby, but a little cleansing won’t hurt if you’ve got company.

As far as THC supplies go, this candle does the job of eliminating the strong scent of weed so you don’t need to cover it up with incense or an air freshener.

It burns for 90 minutes, so it will last for many toke sessions. 

6. Wedding Crasher Strain

If you have something important to do like go to a wedding, this hybrid will give you the focus to mingle and the energy to dance. It also boosts your mood and may have you making a toast as it taps into your creative side. 

Coming down from your high isn’t too bad either as it offers a relaxing letdown. 

And you might just pass on the wedding cake as it provides a smooth vanilla aftertaste with a hint of fruit since it is a hybrid of wedding cake and purple punch.

7. Multipurpose Tool

Every camper needs a Swiss army knife as every stoner needs their smoking tools. Don’t go searching for the kitchen scissors or a lost dabber. Keep them all handy and in one place with a multipurpose tool. 

Some internet weed supplies like a multi-tool come with a poker to unclog your bowl, a scrapper to get the resin out, a roach clip, a mini grinder, and even a flashlight for when you drop a nice bud under the couch. 

8. Joint Roller

You just bought enough online weed for a party and your guests are about to arrive. Just like any good host you want to have a personal joint ready for your friends. But, you don’t have time to roll several joints.

Joint rollers can help you get the job done quickly without messing up because you’re in a rush.

Or if you are just learning how to roll because you are a new smoker or have stuck to bowls in the past, a joint roller is a great learning tool. 

Some joint rollers are automatic and can spit out joints in seconds. Others require some more skill as they only act as perfect holders and/or joint sealers. 

Get These Weed Essentials 

While this list includes all of your must-have weed essentials you also want the basics not covered here. A simple glass bowl, lighter, and an air-tight container is all you need to keep your weed fresh and your mind high. 

If you’d like to go beyond smoking your weed, then visit our edibles section to find tasty treats to give your lungs a nice break. 

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