The Successful Stoner: Best Buds for Productive Tokers

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Whether you take your cannabis by smoking it with a joint, pipe, or vaporizer, or take cannabis tinctures, a good strain can mellow your mood and help with headaches and anxiety. There are also many different (and in some cases, conflicting) studies out there about whether or not the effects of cannabis can help with work.

While there has been literature about how cannabis can impair cognitive function, which suggests that work and cannabis are not a good combination, other studies show how cannabis can help restore cognitive function in certain conditions. Because legalization has been recent and bias against marijuana so entrenched, there will probably be more studies done to prove one or the other.

But there is also a ton of anecdotal evidence from recreational users, like in this interview of successful stoners in GQ, who claim that taking marijuana in the correct doses helps them focus on their jobs. These are magazine editors, tech managers, and economic development specialists who have demanding careers. The key, according to them and many other productive tokers, is figuring out what works for you. Obviously, heavy doses of powerful strains aren’t ideal for productivity. Dosage, strain, consumption method, and many other factors can be at play, and they can vary from person to person. Once you have something that works, cannabis can help you relax, develop focus, and get down to business.

If you are looking for the best buds to keep you productive, you may want to look into sativa strains. Lighting up one of these can help clear up your mind, make you energetic, and keep you alert for both creative projects and social gatherings.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Also known as Alaskan Tundra and ATF, Alaskan Thunder Fuck is popular among marijuana users seeking the perfect balance between intensity and relaxation. It is a sativa dominant hybrid that combines the freshness of pine, menthol, and lemon to stimulate your creativity.

Amnesia Haze

When you’re looking for something smooth and citrusy, go for Amnesia Haze. This sativa dominant hybrid has extremely high THC content, ensuring that you remain laser-focused on the task at hand. Be careful with your intake, though, because too much will may have the opposite effect.

Arjan’s Haze

Arjan’s Haze is like fine wine among tequila shots. This sativa dominant hybrid strain is a universal favorite that combines a spicy and minty flavour with a faint flowery aroma. Once the high kicks in, you can enjoy mental clarity and get things done faster. Too much, on the other hand, can give you a psychedelic effect.

Blue Dream

Combining the taste of blueberry pie and a unique earthy aroma, Blue Dream keeps you focused and motivated for approximately two to three hours. This sativa dominant hybrid can even alleviate stress and chronic pain which might be hindering you from getting the job done.

Bruce Banner

Contrary to its name, Bruce Banner won’t make you Hulk out and smash everything in your path. The sweet and fruity sativa dominant hybrid fills you with a euphoric head high to help you focus on tasks.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is nicknamed the marijuana espresso for a reason. Similar to the way coffee keeps you going on the busiest workdays, this pure sativa strain can give you that much-needed boost for work. Its earthy, piney, floral, and fruity tones can alleviate stress and physical pain so that you can focus.

Green Crack

Get in the game for real — just like Snoop D-O-Double-G singlehandedly got everyone to start calling Green Kush Green Crack instead. This fruity and piney sativa dominant hybrid boosts your energy and keeps you alert while you juggle responsibilities as smoothly as the multi-talented Snoop does.

Sour Diesel

Ditch your morning cup of coffee for Sour Diesel. This pungent and citrusy sativa dominant hybrid gives you a powerful high for five hours, so that you can remain alert and energetic. It can also help you deal with migraines and physical pain.

Feel relaxed and productive at the same time by taking any of these buds. Just be sure to figure out what works for you by taking small doses, and experimenting on which factors make the most impact: delivery method (do you smoke it, eat it, or use oils?), dose, time of day, the nature of the work (does it require focus, or creativity?), etc. And remember to have your snacks ready in case the munchies hit.

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