The Difference Between Vaping and Smoking Cannabis

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Inhalation is the most popular way to ingest cannabis. When inhaled, you can feel the active effects of the herb within minutes, making it one of the fastest and most effective ways of taking marijuana.

There are two ways of inhaling marijuana: smoking and vaping. You should know and understand the nuances of these two processes so that you can make an informed decision on which one you would rather do.

Smoking vs. Vaping

To compare: smoking burns off the entire plant while vaping boils cannabis oil and ground weed flower. Both release THC into the bloodstream via the lungs. While the effects of both can be similar, the amount of psychoactivity and other effects depends on the amount of THC and CBD you get with each method. This, in turn, depends largely on the manufacturer.

Which is Safer?

According to research, smoking marijuana can be irritating to the tissues of the lungs, throat and mouth. This irritation is likely caused by the high temperatures associated with smoking, along with the burning tar and embers that are inhaled directly into the body.

Meanwhile, vaping is a safer alternative. It doesn’t involve combustion, lessening the burning embers and plant particles that you inhale when you take a toke. However, not all vaporization is the same. When vaping, the ground flower may be safer than vaping oils.

Which is More Efficient and Consistent?

When you smoke cannabis, you immediately destroy about 50% of the cannabinoids upon combustion. Then, you lose a further 15% – 20% of the compounds that make up cannabis due to smoke burn off. You don’t have this problem when vaping. With vapes, very little cannabis is lost since the weed is heated or vaporized in an enclosed chamber.

When weed is smoked the traditional way, there is more variation in the weed itself. Much like wine, the plant material will have significant variance from batch to batch, year to year and grower to grower. Meanwhile, vapes are much more consistent since they can be produced in a way that accounts for those variations yet maintaining the same composition and experience in each batch.

What About the Effects?

When you smoke weed, you get the full range of compounds in the flower. This leads to greater symptom relief and psychoactive experience. Different cannabinoid, terpenes and other chemical compounds work together to produce what’s called “the entourage effect” which makes for a fuller, more satisfying experience.

Using a vape, meanwhile, can often feel more one-dimensional. This is because, when you’re using a vape pen, you’re usually inhaling an oil that contains mostly cannabinoids. The effects of cannabis may feel thinner as a result.

No matter which one you’re looking to use, both smoking and vaping are fast-acting, with the effects lasting about one to two hours. If you’re looking for cannabis mail order in Canada, you can turn to none other than WBUD. We produce high-quality bud at reasonable prices. You can rely on us for fast deliveries.

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