The BC Bud Brand

There are many names for Marijuana: Cannabis, Weed, Pot, Dope, Maryjane, Ganja, the Beast, Beaster, etc. But only one true Brand Name exists for a geographical place & product. “BC Bud” has become a brand name like Kleenex or Champagne, describing both the product and the brand; and/or a place. Originally, BC Bud was the name of a Canadian beer in the 1930’s exported/smuggled into the US during liquor prohibition.

BC Bud Growth

BC Bud is now known as the premier Marijuana product in most of the world. Consistent quality, volume of production and excellent potency drove BC Bud into social and cannabis consciousness. This was generated by its fast proliferation in British Columbia with both indoor and outdoor cultivation of various potent strains. Growers developed a great deal of knowledge and skill. Initial and ongoing commercial success in BC and its target markets further fueled the process. Money and marijuana were a good mix. Estimates for the Cannabis Industry as of 2013 were $6 – $7 billion per year in BC. This represented 40% of the industry in Canada. But no one really knows the true numbers. BC Bud dominated in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s – especially in Canada, Alaska, California, Idaho, Oregon and Washington, where most of the province’s cannabis was previously exported. The majority of BC Bud exports were grown indoors. At first, product crossed the border into the USA primarily through Washington State and thereafter to the US West Coast. And not by just backpackers. Cars, boats, aircraft, hollow logs down rivers – BC Bud was on the move. Eventually BC Bud was distributed to New York and further.

Recreational and medicinal use

In Canada, early government approved licensing in July 2001 for Medicinal use was leveraged to further establish legal grow-ops everywhere in BC. These licensed grow-ops also produced BC Bud for Recreational consumption alongside unlicensed grow-ops. Recreational use was and is tolerated more in the Province of BC as compared to most of Canada. Dispensaries and almost total relaxation of legal enforcement in Vancouver was next.   In June 2015, Vancouver became the first city in Canada to regulate the over-the-counter sale of medicinal marijuana. Also, there were several cannabis coffee shops where cannabis was smoked openly and personal use throughout the city was tolerated by local police. Other cities around the world have followed where enforcement is slowly being viewed as a waste of time and expense for law enforcement agencies with decreasing budgets and more compelling problems. With the impending legalization of Marijuana in Canada some are concerned about quality, production and access to product. According to various blogs and chat sites, a number of large production companies currently licensed by the Canadian Government across the country have had difficulty to produce a consistently superior, potent product that can compete with the small and medium sized BC Bud growers. Either way you look at it, BC Bud is here to stay as long as medical and recreational marijuana buyers demand higher quality product. Cannabis legalization and regulation of production and sales in Colorado may exemplify this. Not only did the State licensed industry grow quickly – so did the non-licensed production and sales. For any questions or comments, please email us at [email protected].
WBUDFact Famous People that smoked Marijuana These days, the question should be more like who doesn’t or hasn’t smoked weed. Back in the day it was commonplace in many cultures and countries. So here are some famous people that enjoyed their Bud. William Shakespeare The Immortal Bard or should that be Immortal Bud? Queen Victoria The Queen of suppression for most everything sexual, her doctor prescribed cannabis for her menstrual cramps. JFK Another medicinal user. He had a bad back from saving his buddies in the Pacific during WWII. Steve Jobs No wonder he was so creative! The Beatles Music and marijuana. Always a great mix. (Pun intended.)   © 2017

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