Soothing the Soul, Healing the Mind: How Cannabis Helps in the Treatment of Mental Disorders

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Despite the hurdles that the medical marijuana community faces, research on the health benefits of cannabis continues. Some countries, like Canada, recognize the need for further study into how marijuana helps both body and mind. Online dispensaries in Canada and their mail order bud have made it easier for people to feel the health benefits of marijuana, first hand. Although many people enjoy it recreationally, more people are also using marijuana to treat various physical and mental disorders. It’s important to note, however, that consulting with a medical marijuana-friendly doctor is advisable before using it as medication. This is to ensure that your cannabis use is effective, moderated and regulated in such a way that you maximize the health benefits while minimizing any detrimental effects.


Long-time cannabis users will be familiar with the anti-anxiety effects of marijuana. In select clinical trials, researchers found that strains of marijuana with higher CBD, or cannabidiol, have moderate success in anxiety relief. This is because CBD attaches to brain receptors and blocks the natural body chemicals that cause anxiety. Unlike THC, CBD does not provide the “high” that people associate with marijuana. Instead, CBD creates anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, and anti-spasm effects on the body. All of these properties combined make CBD-rich strains of marijuana a very effective and natural treatment against anxiety and its related disorders.


Researchers are constantly finding evidence that compounds within cannabis are highly effective in treating depression. Certain compounds in marijuana are very similar to brain chemicals called endocannabinoids. Endocannabinoids are responsible for regulating various chemical processes in the body, such as mood control, motor functions, behavior and emotional levels. Doctors believe that imbalances in hormone levels and brain chemistry can cause depression. By introducing cannabis into the system, doctors believe that the synergy between the marijuana compounds and the brain chemicals create a balance that is beneficial in eliminating symptoms of depression. Although more research is required to provide concrete evidence, doctors believe that the compounds in cannabis help the body normalize its own endocannabinoid levels.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Although advances in military tactics and technology have saved the lives of soldiers around the world, the area that addresses the mental health issues of veterans is unfortunately lacking. However, some veterans are finding comfort in cannabis and using it to treat their post-traumatic stress. Research on marijuana usage and PTSD is still relatively new, but early clinical trials are seeing very promising results in this field. Again, researchers are looking to CBD as the main compound responsible for treating PTSD. CBD is believed to boost the body’s serotonin receptors, making them more efficient in receiving and processing serotonin, a naturally occurring brain chemical that is responsible for positive feelings. The heavy regularization, and in some cases criminalization, of marijuana and other cannabis-derived products impedes research on their medicinal value. However, many researchers and proponents of marijuana are tirelessly finding ways to legitimize cannabis as a therapeutic and organic alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. believes that high-quality bud can help treat medical problems in a safe and effective manner. Learn more about our extensive line of medical marijuana by clicking here.

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