Recreational Cannabis in Canada: Can We Smoke in Public Now?

Recreational Weed

Recreational users in Canada have just won a battle – a battle that should have been won a long time ago. Yes, congratulations are in order! If you were one of those who moved around, clutching the few grams in your pocket and always anxious when you hear a police siren, don’t worry. Those days will soon be a thing of the past.

Through the Senate-approved Bill C-45, popularly referred to as the “Cannabis Act,” Canada is now set to legalize cannabis for recreational use. On October 17, 2018, it will become legal for adults in Canada to possess, grow, and sell cannabis – all of which, of course, will still have their respective measures. Regulations and restrictions naturally go hand-in-hand with this step towards legalization. But hey, who’s complaining, right?

This is very much a win, especially if you smoke weed like Seth Rogen. Trust that as one of the biggest sources of mail order weed in Canada, WBUD has you covered. No more action-packed nightmares of running away the same way Saul and Dale did in Pineapple Express.

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So, What Now? Can I Smoke Anywhere?

Legalizing marijuana was one of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s campaign promises, and is now on its way to implementation. Consequently, legalization serves to address the concern of many young Canadians who have criminal records for the mere possession of tiny amounts of weed. And it’s true, the black market will never cease to exist, so legalization will allow the government to take the appropriate steps in “fixing” the problem of unjust criminality.

So, you may be wondering if this liberation grants us the freedom to smoke a joint in public without the paranoia. The answer is a big, bold yes. In fact, by the time the Cannabis Act takes effect, you are very much entitled to ordering weed online from federally licensed growers and distributors. You can also own up to four plants in your home and carry as much as 30 grams in your possession when outside. But the burning question remains, “Can I smoke weed anywhere in Canada?

The answer to that, on the other hand, is it depends. In NCC parks, like Confederation Park in downtown Ottawa, where cigarette smoking is allowed, lighting up a joint won’t get you arrested. But even with federal laws in place that regulate smoking in particular places like the airport, smoking in public – whether a cigarette or cannabis – falls under the jurisdiction of municipal, provincial, and territorial governments.

Ontario’s Cannabis Act, for example, is an explicit prohibition of cannabis use in public spaces, save for the exceptions accorded to cannabis consumption for medicinal purposes. Just to be sure, it wouldn’t hurt if we were to look up the pre-existing provincial, territorial, and municipal laws on smoking weed in public.

Also, with legalization yet to take full effect, it seems that certain bans will be lifted in favour of recreational use. Progress is here, and it can only keep on. Legalizing the use of recreational marijuana means that society has evolved to understand and accept that smoking weed is not “a bad thing.”

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