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Cannabis infusions are one of the most popular ways to get the medicinal effects of good weed without smoking or vaporizing. By infusing certain salves, oils and balms with cannabis, we provide users with products which contain significant amounts of THC and its natural healing properties.

At WholesaleBud.ca, we offer a variety of infusions, from salves and lotions to tinctures and edibles. Our line of cannabis-infused lotions, for instance, is revolutionizing the way people see marijuana. These products provide customers a safe and efficient way of dealing with topical and localized issues such as headaches, muscle soreness, pain and even inflammation, without the psychoactive effects. Cannabis-infused lotions, salves, balms and oils are becoming a popular choice for those looking to relieve themselves of pain without using pharmaceutical-grade drugs.

Our cannabis-infused topicals are a safe, effective and organic way of dealing with disorders and symptoms normally treated with chemical or synthetic medication. At WholesaleBud.ca, we believe in providing you with a 100% natural alternative.

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