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When you buy rosin online, you can get access to a high-quality range of products that can perfectly suit your cannabis needs. This incredible substance can be smoked and sometimes vaped when you have the right tools as a concentrated extract. Browse the full range or read on to find out more about this range.

What Is It?

Rosin is a unique concentrate extracted through a combination of heat and pressure. First, the plant matter is put into waxy paper and placed in a press. With heated plates that apply specified pressure, the bud releases a thick yellow or amber goo called rosin. While still containing elements of plant matter, this extract is a far purer form of cannabis than the plant itself. It can be anywhere from 60-85% THC, delivering a robust and flavourful experience. Usually dabbed smoked with heated titanium or quartz bowl, it is activated through consistent high heat rather than an open flame. As a result, it produces a vapour that can be inhaled, far lighter on your lungs than bud with plant matter that burns to carbon.

Using These Products

Enjoying this range of products depends on the personal enjoyment you are after. With potent terpenes in the mix, these products can give off flavourful experiences while still managing depending on your preferred experience. You can also alter your smoking method to alter the experience. For example, smoking at a lower range temperature will yield more flavour and milder smoke, with less intense effects. Conversely, you will get far more smoke and a more impactful high at a higher range of heat, but the flavours will be diminished the higher you go.

When you buy rosin online, you can enjoy a high-quality range of products that can be delivered to you. Likewise, when you shop at our store, you can access a stunning range of options to suit your cannabis preferences. Contact us for more.