On Physical and Mental Well-Being: Cannabis and Meditation

Person holding cannabis outdoors

Adding cannabis to your meditation ritual might be the solution to better potency while on the mat.

Studies show that cannabis relieves stress and short-term depression while meditation alleviates anxiety. Together, cannabis and meditation could create an otherworldly mindfulness experience.

Tapping into the hidden power of the plant lies in buying the right Indica strain from the right dispensary in Canada. After all, selecting the right strain along with the method of consumption is just as important as determining what meditation method works best for you.

Get started on your mindfulness journey and treat cannabis as your spiritual ally today.

World Traditions and Spiritual Growth

Pairing cannabis and meditation is not new.

Countries around the world have used marijuana for centuries to tap into mystical forces. During the 1920s, the Rastafarians believed that cannabis created visions, heightened unity, and promoted peacefulness.

In India, religious groups like the Buddhists, Shaivites, and Naths, use cannabis during meditation to enter a state of heightened awareness. And they use a cannabis-infused drink called bhang for their spiritual practice.

Ancient Japan, on the other hand, used cannabis to ward off evil spirits. The early Japanese would wave gohei, sticks with hemp fibres, to turn a space sacred and pure.

These world traditions reflect the true potential of using cannabis for inner exploration and enlightenment.

Why Use Cannabis?

The proper mindset and setting are crucial to a successful meditation session. The way you think and feel dictate how the experience will unfold.

Cannabis helps you focus on the present moment and achieve a relaxed mental state. Your brain is filled with cannabinoid receptors in areas of the brain related to thought, behaviour, and mood. When the cannabinoids from marijuana interact with your brain, it heightens euphoria and relaxation.

And the effects of marijuana don’t stop there. If physical pain is preventing you from meditation, cannabis assists in pain relief and joint inflammation. By taking cannabis, you can reduce the pain, and work through longer and comfortable sessions.

Start by Establishing Cannabis Spirituality Standards

Meditation draws you away from external distractions, drawing your attention inward to calm the cluttered waves of your mind. But sometimes, finding a sense of stillness amid the chaos takes a great deal of emotional control.

Take advantage of the spiritual effects of marijuana through meditation with the following steps:

  • Know your tolerance level. Start slow. A low dose is best when incorporating cannabis into your meditation session. Some marijuana users even follow a practice called micro-dosing for subtle effects.
  • Set an intention. Establish a goal to stay focused throughout your spiritual journey. Whether you want to find inner peace or connect with a higher entity, setting an intention grounds your consciousness and prevents your mind from wandering.
  • Pick the right strain. The strain you choose depends on your intention. Sativa and Indica strains are the most common — the former creates a cerebral high that invokes thought and energy, while the former promotes relaxation and hypnotism.

Marijuana is one of the most powerful tools for personal and spiritual growth. Through it, you can enjoy a transformative, meditative experience.

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