On Dabbing and Concentrates: It’s All About the THC Level

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On Dabbing and Concentrates: It’s All About the THC Level

The legalization of marijuana, whether for recreational or medicinal use, is spreading across the world – and it’s about time, right? Given this progressiveness, the development of various cannabis products can be quite surprising, especially for old school smokers. So, before you decide to shun dabbing and concentrates, read on to educate yourself in order to medicate yourself. For most people (usually from the older generations) who may have had encounters with weed, or may know a few things about cannabis, their knowledge is often limited to the plant. And when these people find out about concentrates, along with their respective THC levels, there is that overwhelming feeling. Take, for instance, how Blue Dream offers pretty solid THC content at an average of 21 percent, and there are others that peak at 26.5 percent. Blue Dream Shatter, on the other hand, comes with a THC content of up to 89 percent. If you aren’t stoned enough to do the math (just kidding, of course), then you’ll know that the difference between 21 and 89 is equal to a lot. Really, there’s more to cannabis than smoking flowers. An analogy, if you will: dabbing concentrates is to smoking flowers, as piloting a self-driving car is to actually driving a car – this is a development meant to better our experience. So, feel free to discover more about shatter at wholesale price in Canada and fall in love with dabbing and concentrates.

Believing in the Gift that is the Cannabis Concentrate

Concentrates come in many names and shapes, such as oil, wax, and shatter, among others. And by its name alone, cannabis concentrates are all about the THC or CBD level. However, to get these bad babies, a series of extraction processes and solvents are necessary. Extraction technology has also been improving, such as the advancement that enables carbon dioxide and untouched hydrocarbons to be used as solvents in a pressurized closed-loop system. This helps the extraction process in producing high-grade concentrates. Shatter, for example, is a form of concentrate. It usually looks like a translucent amber shard, and it owns the reputation of being the most unadulterated form of extract. With shatter having the status of being the “cleanest” type of concentrate, it comes as no surprise that it’s gotten quite popular with stoners. This is why dabbing and vaping have now grown in prevalence.

For the Dabbing Noob: It’s Not Rocket Science

An article by Leafly.com cites that dabbing – when compared to other methods of inhalation – is the best way to intake the most THC possible: more than 75 percent of the THC in a single dab makes it to your lungs. The study contrasts this against smoking the traditional way: around the same percentage is lost before the THC reaches your bloodstream. Another article, this time by Mashable.com, narrates the experience of the author acquainting himself with dabbing, vaping, and concentrates. Chris Taylor writes, initially claiming how “dabbing and vaping are almost the same thing,” that the former involved “a cumbersome, daunting industrial setup.” This is exactly why newbies feel intimidated by dabbing – the terminology and the appearance of a chemical lab device turn off most people from dabbing. This suggests that you can start off by trying out vape pens, and if the experience doesn’t seem significantly different from smoking flowers, you may want to try dabbing. The experience of vaporizing with a rig versus vaping with a pen, as Taylor writes, will definitely provide clarity on which device offers a solid high. Lastly, Wweek.com writes about dabbing and its status in cannabis consumption. The article states that “dabbing can seem like the final frontier” – and the writer, Matthew Singer, is not wrong. As mentioned earlier, dabbing is the next step in the marijuana industry. So, if you have any plans of moving on from sparking that lighter to using rigs and nails, then you’re on the right path to elevating your high. Dabbing offers you a clearer, flavourful experience of inhaling smoke. It isn’t as harsh on your lungs and your body, and the medicinal value of cannabis is much more prominent. For beginners looking to dab, a safe enough portion to use is 1/25th of a gram, and don’t feel compelled to go crazy spending for it. Feel free to check out our concentrates, or reach out to us for questions. We’ve got the basics covered, and we suggest first testing the waters before going all-out. Smoke safely!

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