New to Cannabis? Try These Beginner-friendly Strains

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Since Canada legalized marijuana, more people have discovered its recreational and health benefits. Marijuana consumption has gone up so much so that dispensaries across the country burned through most of their supplies just five days after the law went into effect.

If you’ve never smoked but want to join Canada’s “cannabis craze,” then, we welcome you. Just make sure to choose the strain carefully. Smoking the right kind of marijuana can be a beneficial and pleasing experience. If you choose the wrong strain, however, you could be disappointed.

WBUD will help you pick the right strain for newbies and people with low tolerance. We’ll begin by discussing the major types of strains.

To Stimulate or to Relax?

Marijuana falls under three major categories: Sativa, Indica and Hybrid strains. Sativa strains are tall with narrow leaves. Indica plants are short with broad leaves. Hybrids are a cross between the two. They all give you a euphoric high but deliver different effects. The key is to know what effect you’re after.

Sativa strains usually stimulate you; users tend to be invigorated and uplifted afterward. They’re perfect for physical activities, social gatherings and tasks that require creativity. They help alleviate anxiety and depression and make you stay laser-focused.

Indica strains usually sedate you. Their tendency to relax users makes them ideal for those who want to rest or sleep. They ease the mind and muscles and are more likely to give you couch lock. They also decrease nausea and pain.

Hybrid strains deliver a mix of Sativa and Indica effects, depending on which strain is dominant.

Sample Strains

Another thing you should consider is the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content. This is the component of marijuana that gives you the psychological effects. The higher the THC content, the more intense the high.

If you consume too much of a THC-rich strain, you might end up paranoid, dizzy or overwhelmed. So, it’s best to start with a strain with a low THC content and work your way up.
Here are some beginner- and low tolerance-friendly strains:

  • Jack Herer – This Sativa-dominant hybrid won several awards from the Cannabis Cup. It delivers feelings of bliss and increases energy and creativity. It gives off an earthy aroma reminiscent of wood and pine.
  • Blue Dream – This Sativa-dominant hybrid makes you feel motivated, creative and focused. It delivers a calm euphoria. Blue Dream tastes like blueberry pie with herbal, vanilla and fruity notes.
  • White Widow – This Sativa-dominant hybrid delivers a trance-like, cerebral high. You’ll feel euphoric and energetic. White Widow tastes sweet and lemony and gives off a pleasant smell.

Start Slowly

There’s no hard and fast rule on how much cannabis rookies should consume. After all, your body type, diet, metabolism and other factors influence the effect that you experience.

Our advice for every newbie: start small. Your body isn’t accustomed to THC. You’re not certain how you would respond to cannabis, so stay away from potent strains. Avoid concentrates, too. Concentrates are made by extracting THC and removing the plant matter, leaving behind an extremely potent resin.

If you’ll smoke a blunt, joint or e-cig, start with one or two puffs and wait 20 minutes for the effects to kick in. If you’ll eat an edible, wait for at least an hour. This will allow you to gauge how much THC your body can handle. Then, gradually increase your intake.

Discover the wonderful effects that marijuana brings. Contact WBUD today to order newbie-friendly strains.

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