Leaf Relief: A Deep Dive into Chemo

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Marijuana has been linked to cancer treatment for years. When it’s smoked or vaporized, it may be helpful in treating nerve pain caused by cancer, according to an American Cancer Society (ACS) article called “Marijuana and Cancer”. Cannabidiol (a compound found in cannabis) may also help in treating recurring tumours, according to the National Cancer Institute. Apart from its benefits in treating cancer, medical professionals are also looking at marijuana as a way to ease the side-effects of chemotherapy.

The Toll of Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy kills cancer cells rapidly, but it also damages healthy cells. It may kill actively growing cells in the blood, bone marrow, mouth and even hair. These attacks can cause the following side-effects.

  • Nausea – Chemotherapy may cause vomiting. According to The Canadian Cancer Society, nausea can start a few hours after treatment and may last for up to a day. Some patients may not experience nausea until 24 hours after their chemo session.
  • Loss of Appetite – Some chemotherapy drugs can also change your sense of taste and smell. Radiation can also affect the taste buds and salivary glands, especially when the therapy is focused on the head. This sensitivity to smell and tastes can cause loss of appetite, weight loss and malnutrition.
  • Pain – Certain chemotherapy drugs can cause muscle, joint and stomach pains. This can be a burning, numbing, shooting or tingling pain. Patients often have to deal with this long after getting treatment.

Other side-effects of chemotherapy include fertility problems, inflammation, sore mouth and diarrhea. These depend on the type and combination of drugs used during treatment.

How the Chemo Strain Can Help

The chemo strain, also known as “UBC chemo” is a powerful variant of indica that’s used to treat the side-effects of chemotherapy. It got its name from its place of origin, as it was supposedly created by a Dr Suzuki from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in . Before you order marijuana and have a strain mailed to you in Canada to treat chemotherapy side-effects, you can look up some of the research that has been conducted on the topic:

  • Nausea – The National Comprehensive Cancer Network, a set of guidelines for oncologists, recommends the treatment of chemotherapy-induced nausea using inhaled cannabis.
  • Loss of Appetite – Cannabis vapour may turn on an individual’s hunger hormone, according to a study from the Department of Integrative Physiology and Neurosciences at Washington State University. In a preclinical trial conducted in 2018, the researchers found that laboratory rats’ brains went to “hungry” mode when exposed to cannabis vapour.
  • Pain – Vapourized cannabis with morphine may also relieve chronic pain better than using morphine alone. A clinical review of recent medical marijuana studies that was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found strong evidence supporting the use of marijuana to treat chronic and nerve pain.

Cannabis may also be used to treat other symptoms of cancer and side-effects of chemotherapy such as anxiety. Inhaled cannabis can lead to improved mood and sense of well-being, according to the ACS.

Legalization has opened more doors to further research on marijuana and its applications. Early evidence points to a brighter future for patients who want to use medical marijuana to ease the pain, nausea and loss of appetite that comes from treatment, improving their quality of life even while they undergo chemotherapy.

Your Strain Delivered to Your Door

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