In the World of Recreational Marijuana, Shatter Is a Game Changer

The recent legalization of cannabis in Canada opened the floodgates for marijuana concentrates — highly potent masses that contain high levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient of marijuana. Among these are budder, wax, and honey oil. Cannabis users who prefer strong substances turn to shatter, a concentrate that’s between 70 to 99% THC. By contrast, regular marijuana has only 5-18%.

Shatter gets its name from its appearance. Unlike most concentrates that look like waxes and oils, shatter looks like glass. It’s hard and brittle like hard candy and shatters when dropped. It has a golden amber color and is translucent, leading many to believe that it’s one of the purest concentrates.

Before you buy shatter online, here’s what you need to know about Canada’s game-changing marijuana concentrate.

A Rigorous Extraction

Shatter production starts with butane extraction. Manufacturers inject pressurized butane on top of a container packed with ground marijuana flowers. Butane seeps into the plant material, dissolves the cannabinoids, and separates the trichomes (small, glass-like crystals on the cannabis plant that contain the highest concentrations of THC and other cannabinoids) from the buds. The butane solution, infused with marijuana’s active ingredients, empties to a collection tray.

When exposed to air, butane evaporates quickly and leaves a concentrated hash behind. Producers then apply heat (about 36° Celsius) to remove the terpenes – substances responsible for marijuana’s flavor and scent. The concentrate then rests and settles into a thin sheet.

By applying heat, producers create a concentrate that’s purer and has a higher amount of active ingredients. Shatter, therefore, is one of the most potent concentrates on the market.

Using Shatter

There are several ways people can consume shatter.

  • Flowers – Consumers can mix cannabis flowers with small pieces of shatter in a bowl or joint, so they don’t have to buy specialized equipment. Take note, however, that adding flowers might change the taste and potency of shatter.
  • Hash Pipe – People traditionally used hash pipes for smoking hash, kief, or charas, but people can use some pipes for solvent-based extracts like shatter.
  • Vaporizer – Sophisticated models work with all kinds of extracts, including shatter. Vaporizers are likely the best way to enjoy the pure flavor of the concentrate.

What Consuming Shatter Brings

Shatter has high concentrations of cannabinoids, which means people can take a “less is more” approach. Users don’t have to burn and inhale large amounts to get the effect they want. The concentrate also lets cannabinoids enter the bloodstream fast, so users immediately feel the effects. In a medical setting, patients can use it for strong and fast relief from severe pain.

Shatter’s strong molecular structure — thanks to its extraction process — makes it stable. It lasts longer than wax and other concentrates.

There is a concern, however, regarding the safety of shatter. Producers use butane, which is very volatile and flammable. Qualified manufacturers have stringent safety measures and specialized equipment to handle butane, but some people try to produce their own shatter at home. In some cases, the experiments led to accidents and injuries.

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