First THC – Then CBD. Now it’s THCV’s Turn for Medical Marijuana

Nowadays, with the constant search for the next greatest thing for solving illnesses and mental and physical disease, marijuana is leading the way as a source of new compounds and isolates.

First it was THC, then CBD. Next up is THCV. Relatively rare and not mainstream just yet, THCV is now being produced in marijuana strains by growers seeking higher concentrations. Recent studies are illuminating some of the medical benefits of THCV.

As mentioned in the previous WBUD blog, Marijuana as Medicine, if you want a powerful high with a clear mind, then THCV is for you. Research isolating THCV is showing it to be effective as a medical marijuana powerhouse. It is an anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain medication) and neuro-protector.

THCV is effective at regulating Type-2 Diabetes, weight loss, and PTSD. THCV is being used for treating anxiety, alcohol and drug addiction, Alzheimer’s, bone disorders, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, schizophrenia, arthritis, nausea and more.

THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) is a cannabinoid very similar to THC but functions in the body differently than THC. It is secondary in availability to THC and CBD in marijuana because it is found in very small amounts in most strains.

Many of the compounds of Marijuana are not understood entirely. There are over 400 chemical compounds including over 100 cannabinoids. Many of the compounds in marijuana have not been found yet in other plants. Isolating one component like CBD and THC has its benefits for research. Yet different strains produce different results due to the effects of different combinations of cannabis compounds and how they interact. will be adding more high THCV strains to its product lineup. Currently Durban Poison is WBUD’s top Strain for THCV. It is very popular since WBUD introduced it in late 2017. Many suffering from arthritis say Durban Poison has helped immensely.

Cannabis strains with high levels of THCV have been associated with energetic highs that are more psychedelic.

Interestingly, THCV acts differently depending on the dosage and blood concentration levels. At low dosage it blocks THC – so you don’t get high. And then it acts as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

At high dosages it does not debilitate or intoxicate. So marijuana strains with high levels of THCV will get you very high and euphoric but with a clear mind.

Many pure Sativas or Sativa dominant strains 80% and up have this effect too.

Maybe David Bowie would have wanted his THCV instead of his TVC15.

The preceding information is presented for educational purposes only. WBUD provides this information to give an understanding of the potential applications of CBD (Cannabidiol) as reported in research studies and anecdotal experience by many.

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