Deep Dive into Dank Schrader

Cannabis plant

Fans of Breaking Bad will immediately recognize the reference in the name of this Indica-dominant hybrid. Named after a character on the show, DEA Agent Hank Schrader, Dank Schrader originated in Vancouver and is a cross between Bubba Kush and Rockstar Kush. This bud is famous for its fairly high THC levels – up to 25%-28% – and smooth, powerful and intense high.

Appearance, Fragrance and Flavour

This strain produces olive green, medium-sized nugs that have beautiful amber hues and bright orange and yellow pistils. Its buds are dense and caked with shiny, sugary resin that makes it moderately sticky.

Sweet and pungent, Dank Schrader is a very fragrant strain. Its sour, piney undertones are fairly strong. You can expect its earthy aroma to stick around for a while. Like its smell, Dank Schrader’s flavour is unique – it’s herbal, piney, sweet and tropical, with hints of mango and bubblegum. These flavours combine to create a sweet, tart taste that coats your whole mouth.


With Dank Schrader, the effects come slow and steady. This strain will leave you feeling elated, even euphoric. It is perfect if you’re looking for a bud that will uplift you and create a more positive mood. Both your body and mind will feel relaxed. Its effects are long-lasting.

Under the effects of Dank Schrader, you will be clear-headed and talkative and more often than not, fade into introspection and have deep philosophical thoughts. This strain may also leave you spacey, distant and a little couch-locked. Often, as the high wears off, users of Dank Schrader will start feeling sleepy and peaceful, which makes it ideal for people with insomnia.

Dank Schrader may have some adverse effects if you consume this potent strain in high doses. Watch out for any paranoia, dizziness or anxiety, as well as dry eyes and mouth and a feeling of dehydration. Since this strain can also cause some serious munchies, make sure that you have snacks and something to drink close by when toking up.

Medical Benefits

With its ability to uplift moods, Dank Schrader is perfect for treating the symptoms of depression and chronic stress. This strain will relax and relieve you of any stressful thoughts. It can even help you calmly focus on what you are doing, whether it be studying, watching television or reading. Since it can cause the munchies, this hybrid is also great for those who are experiencing loss of appetite.

Additionally, Dank Schrader can help those who struggle with chronic insomnia, as it can make you feel very sleepy. It also helps with fatigue and severe, chronic pain such as migraines, backaches, joint aches and muscle pain.

If you’re looking for a strain with a unique, delicious flavour that’s very potent and delivers a great, relaxing high, then Dank Schrader is the choice for you.

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