Concentrates or Flowers? Go for Both

Cannabis concentrate and flower

Choosing between concentrates and flowers is like deciding between poutine and pancakes. Either way, you win. Concentrates boast a high THC concentration, delivering mind-bending effects. Flowers, on the other hand, have strong, pleasing flavours that make for a rich cannabis experience.

Cannabis consumers, however, love pitting them against one another. It’s always a question of what’s better and cooler. And if you’re a smoker, you have to take a side.

Here’s our take on the matter: both are great. It’s not fair to say one’s better than the other, because one makes up for whatever the other lacks. Shopping carts that contain both flowers and concentrates are happier than those that contain only one.

To prove that, here are a few points from our team:

Concentrates Deliver Potency

Where potency is concerned, concentrates have the upper hand. A regular marijuana bud contains about 10% to 25% THC, while shatter — one of the most formidable cannabis concentrates — boasts 70% to a staggering 99% THC.

The secret lies behind concentrates’ rigorous extraction process. If you look at the big picture, concentrates are what’s left after you’ve removed the plant matter from marijuana. Production extracts the cannabinoids, which form an extremely concentrated resin. As a result, the mind-altering effects of a concentrate are more potent than those of buds. In shatters, resins and cannabis vape pens, no plant matter dilutes the power of the THC.

In most cases, however, the extraction process strips away the flavour from the concentrate. This is where flowers win.

Flowers Deliver Flavour

Terpenes are fragrant yet volatile oils that give buds an amazing aroma and flavour. Some buds like the Blue Dream deliver a sweet and fruity flavour, while others like the Trainwreck taste earthy and pungent. Aroma profiles are just as diverse as their flavours. They could range from woody cedar to zesty lemon. Smoking a marijuana flower is sure to land you on the wheel of fragrances.

Terpenes are often lost in producing concentrates. Since they’re sensitive to heat, it’s hard to preserve them during the extraction process. Many producers reintroduce the flavours and aromas after the extraction process, but connoisseurs would tell you that nothing beats the raw dankness that marijuana buds deliver.

To make the most of the flavour and aroma, you’d have to smoke flowers; there’s no other way to consume them. Smoking, however, produces huge puffs, and the aroma clings to your clothes. Subtlety isn’t a flower’s strong suit.

Concentrates Are Discreet, Flowers Are Convenient

There’s still a considerable social stigma attached to smoking marijuana, even when authorities lifted the ban. It’s understandable that many choose concentrates; they offer a much more discreet method of consumption. Concentrates can be incorporated into your snack, taken sublingually, or applied on the skin. They leave no trace behind — no visible smoke, no strong aroma.

If privacy isn’t your concern, however, and you prefer smoking cannabis, flowers are the convenient option. You just have to roll them into a joint and call it a day. Concentrates often require special, bulky equipment. Take oil rigs, for example. You need to heat up the nail, scoop a bit of shatter, then burn it before you take a hit.

The Verdict

Concentrates and flowers have their highlights and their flaws. Each unique combination is what makes them exciting to consume. On the whole, not one type is superior to the other. If you’re in the mood to send your head into space, then go for concentrates. But if you’re after raw flavours and convenient consumption, turn to buds.

Trust us, you’ll have much more fun if you stock up on both. Contact us today to order concentrates and flowers.

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