CBD Topicals Might Just Be What Your Body Needs

Are eating and smoking the only ways to reap the medical benefits of marijuana? No.

Granted, it’s a common notion that medical marijuana can only be consumed by eating edible CBD drops or smoking from a bong. You, however, don’t need to buy wholesale shatter or stock up on CBD oils for your breakfast omelette to find relief from your condition.

If the thought of eating cannabis-laced food or rolling up a joint sounds like a lot of work, let WBUD introduce you to the convenient and effective world of cannabis topicals.

A Closer Look at Topicals

“Cannabis topical” is an umbrella term for lotions, oils and balms that are infused with marijuana extract (usually CBD). It’s intended to be applied to problematic areas of the skin to alleviate localized pain, muscle soreness, tension and inflammation.

The active compounds in the topicals bind to a network of receptors called CB2, which are found throughout the body. The cannabis compounds don’t reach the bloodstream; they only reach the system of CB2 receptors. Several studies affirm that CBD reaches the tissues beneath the skin, where they work their magic.

An Attractive Choice

Topicals contain CBD, the cannabis component that delivers medicinal benefits. Most of the time, they have little to no THC, the compounds that produce the psychoactive effects. Thus, cannabis topicals aren’t intoxicating and won’t give you a high.

Additionally, cannabis topicals don’t require a lot of work. Unlike smoking or eating, no equipment or prior preparation is needed. All you have to do is apply a generous amount on your skin, and you’re good to go.

They’re also discreet and portable. Take WBUD’s topicals, for instance. Our salves and roll-ons come in 100ml bottles at most, so they easily fit in your knapsack or car. Because they’re easy to use, you can apply them anywhere, without anyone noticing.

How to Use Cannabis Topicals

Using topicals is a no-brainer, but we still rounded up some reminders to make sure you get the most of each dollop.

First, determine where the pain is coming from. This sounds silly, we know, but you have to really focus on the part of your head, for example, where the ache is originating. Is it really a headache or just tension in the neck? If you’re unable to point out the specific area, try applying on common sore spots like the temples, neck, wrists, shoulders and other joints. Don’t apply it to open wounds.

Before you apply the topical, clean your skin. You come in contact with countless bacteria and contaminants. For the topical to work on its full strength, you have to make sure nothing stands between the cannabis and CB2 receptors.

After applying, wash your hands.

Trying Topicals

Take note that the medical benefits that topicals differ from product to product. Each lotion, oil and salve is produced using varying ingredients, marijuana strains and processes.

If you want to try effective topicals, start with WBUD’s line of CBD oils. Richly infused with CBD from premium cannabis, these salves and roll-ons offer relief from inflammation and body pains. Email us at [email protected] today to order.

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