Cannabis Use for Health Benefits: Why Legalization Matters


Canada continues to be a world-leader when it comes to marijuana. From home-grown bud to concentrates, among other cannabis products, the industry is prepared to expand more. The only real thing stopping Canadians from receiving the full benefits of cannabis is legalization. It won’t take long, though, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party is set on eventually legalizing recreational marijuana use. Not only will this legitimize the other leaf’s place on our flag, but it can also create more jobs, bolster tax revenues, and regulate distribution. Legalization will empower more people to speak about and share the good in weed. Overall, the furthering of cannabis use, whether medicinal or recreational, offers more pros than cons.

Shattering Stereotypes: Cannabis Use for Health and Pain Control

Take, for instance, how more people are now looking at cannabis for its health benefits. Long gone are the days when pot smokers were seen as dregs of society.  A progressive and smarter society, after all, now realizes the impact of marijuana. Diseases, such as glaucoma, cancer, and Alzheimer’s – just to name a few – can be treated through cannabis in its various forms. CBD prevents cancer cells from spreading by shutting down the Id-1 gene. THC impedes amyloid plaques from forming, and eventually slows down Alzheimer’s progress, thus, halting its symptoms. Research has proven how cannabis use can significantly improve the quality of life, as well, by treating glaucoma, arthritis and epileptic seizures. Imagine how much pain and struggle a person with epilepsy goes through during a seizure, especially if it occurs every so often. Reducing the number of seizures from a hundred to less than twenty in a month makes life much better. Apart from these medicinal benefits, marijuana can help already-healthy people become healthier through simple everyday activities. Better sleep, better appetite, and a calmer mood on a daily basis look very much like a win. The only actual negative thing about weed, really, is that it can get you arrested. Despite this, the vast number of people who smoke pot, not only in Canada but across the globe, is a testament to its beneficial use. Today, the image of a pothead as a “slacker” barely exists; if anything, people who use weed are perceived as open-minded, pragmatic and cerebral. Legalization can only reinforce the benefits of cannabis use and change society’s perceptions.

Quality Meets Quantity: Bulk Shatter in Canada

WBUD understands that weed is a gift that keeps on giving. And the cannabis industry is not one to be left behind. From flowers and pre-rolls, old school stoners now have concentrates to tickle their fancies. Shatter, a resin-like extract, can deliver THC levels of up to 80 percent. Essentially, this means that all you need is a little bit to get as high as a rocket. Meanwhile, if you’re after that sweet cannabidiol, there are shatter strains that offer CBD too. For $38.25, you can get the best bulk shatter in Canada. House of Glass has 8 Ball Kush Shatter, an Indica with a berry taste, which is sure to give you that couch lock. For better concentration and a happier mood, you may opt for one of the more popular strains: Alaskan Thunder Fuck Shatter by XO Extracts, a Sativa-dominant Hybrid. And also from XO Extracts, we have the legendary strain-turned-concentrate, Blue Dream Shatter. With it being 60 percent Sativa and 40 percent Indica, you get a combined mind and body high, which leaves you mellow, relaxed, but euphoric. These are just a few of our many canna-offerings! Finding the bud that best suits your needs can be a bit tricky, but don’t hesitate to come to us for help. Feel free to contact us here.

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