Cannabis Legalization in Canada: A Comprehensive Look at Each Province’s Marijuana Rules

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On October 17, the recreational use of cannabis will be legal in Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed this news last June. Canada will now be one of the growing number of countries that allow marijuana use, recreational, medical, or otherwise.

Nationwide, adults will be allowed to carry 30 grams of cannabis such as Indica or Sativa strains as long as they’re 19 or older. In Quebec and Alberta, though, the legal age for cannabis consumption is 18. Driving under cannabis influence is still illegal across the country, though.

Although cannabis use will be legal nationwide, each Canadian province has its own rules and regulations. Let’s take a look at the different ways provinces plan to regulate cannabis use.


In Alberta, cannabis can be bought legally from licensed stores or the province’s official cannabis sale site. Households can grow a maximum of four plants, but landlords may restrict weed-growing in condominiums and other multi-family dwellings. The provincial law also prohibits marijuana use in specific public places such as hospitals, schools, or child care facilities.

British Columbia

All the places where tobacco smoking and vaping are prohibited in BC also don’t allow cannabis smoking. Households can grow up to four cannabis plants, but it must not be visible from public places outside the property. Cannabis can also be bought legally from licensed retailers.


Public use, as well as growing cannabis plant at home, are both prohibited in Manitoba. The province allows purchase from private retailers and online stores.

New Brunswick

Physical and online government-operated stores can legally sell cannabis here, and growing up to four plants at home is allowed. Public smoking is illegal.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Adults can purchase cannabis from privately-run stores here. The use is restricted to private residences, and the local government allows growing of up to four plants at home.

Northwest Territories

Privately-run liquor stores and government-operated online shops can sell cannabis. Private residences can grow up to four cannabis plants, but landlords can declare their properties smoke-free. Adults can smoke in private but are also allowed on highways, roads, and parks when they’re not in use for public events.

Nova Scotia

Consumption of cannabis cannot be done where the Smoke-free Places Act apply. You can legally buy cannabis from Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation, or grow up to four plants of your own at home.


Nunavut will allow licensed retailers to sell cannabis, in addition to their government-run physical and online stores. There will also be designated smoking lounges. Otherwise, smoking in public is illegal here.


Initially, Ontario will allow online sales, but private retail shops may start selling cannabis by April 2019. Ontario also allows smoking not just in private residential areas, but in outdoor spaces like sidewalks and parks as well.

Prince Edward Island

PEI will have four government-owned cannabis retail locations this year, on top of e-commerce platforms. Consumption is restricted to private residences except for designated smoking places.


Citizens are prohibited from growing their own cannabis plants at, home and they cannot smoke weed where it’s illegal to smoke tobacco or vape. Adults can legally buy cannabis at government-operated storefronts and online shops.


In Saskatchewan, you can grow up to four cannabis plants, but you can only smoke in private properties. The sale of cannabis will be available in privately-run physical and online stores.


The province of Yukon allows the growing of up to four cannabis plants in private places, as long as it’s out of the public’s sight. Smoking will also be restricted to private residences and citizens can purchase cannabis from government-operated brick-and-mortar and online stores.

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