Cannabis Coconut Oil Capsules Review


Want to learn everything there is to know about Cannabis Coconut Oil Capsules?

With the most popular terms in the cannabis industry, in recent years, being ‘CBD’ and ‘hemp,’ a majority of cannabis and non-cannabis users’ minds jump straight to the two words mentioned above when hearing about anything related to cannabis. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the leading chemical compounds present within hemp and is used to make a lot of the different cannabis products that are out on the market today. Of all the new and innovative CBD products that are coming out of the CBD industry, the CBD product that is gaining the most popularity and traction at a rapid pace is CBD oil capsules.

Legality of Cannabis

A significant contributor to the vast success of CBD products, particularly the oil capsules, is the legality of cannabis across all of Canada. This legalization allowed anyone over the age of nineteen to buy, sell, and use marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. Suffice to say, and it provided an all-around boost to the sales of oil capsules.

The southern neighbours of Canada, the United States, have also provided a similar boost to the cannabis industry and oil capsules by legalizing the cannabinoid ‘CBD’ at a federal level. The FDA approved all products that contained no more THC than what comprised 0.3 percent of the product. While these measures certainly helped move the cannabis industry forward, they mainly catered to CBD and its constituent products. Though it only catered to CBD, that was the powerful boost needed to bring about the rise of CBD oil capsules.

What Exactly Are CBD Capsules and How Do They Function?

CBD capsules are pretty much exactly what they sound like, and they are pills infused with CBD oil to make CBD oil pills. As previously mentioned, CBD has had its popularity skyrocket recently and is widely being used as a general dietary supplement. Scientists and other experts who have researched the topic of the benefits of CBD believe that the chemical compound helps a large set of biochemical functions within our body by way of interacting with the endocannabinoid system present within our bodies. Thus, the use of CBD is believed to benefit a person’s overall well-being and help maintain the user’s internal homeostatic balance.

More recently, many manufacturers of cannabis products have been drawn to create products from the cannabinoids extracted from cannabis and hemp plants and infuse them into oils to produce hemp oil. Out of all the cannabinoids available to make hemp oil from, the hemp oil that is most popular among manufacturers is CBD oils. Out of all the different hemp oil options that one can run into in a shop, CBD hemp oil is also the most likely to be bought due to the growing popularity of the chemical compound among consumers.

The most common carrier oil that the cannabinoids found in cannabis are infused into is MCT oil. However, despite this, another carrier oil called ‘Organic Coconut Oil’ has been gaining a lot more traction due to the numerous health benefits that it provides, aside from the ones that the CBD infused within it allows for. We’ll be discussing the benefits of organic coconut oil later on within this article. However, for now, know that coconut oil not only serves as an excellent substitute for MCT oil due to its health benefits, but it also isn’t much of a substitute at all because organic coconut oil also contains ‘Medium Chain Triglycerides,’ which is the main ingredient in MCT oil. The cannabinoid extract is directly infused into the pill to create cannabis capsules when it comes to oil capsules.

One of the most straightforward and efficient forms of consuming CBD pills is by way of CBD soft gels. To create a CBD soft gel capsule, the CBD oil extracted from a hemp plant is mixed with a gelatinous casing, which is then moulded into the form of a tablet. CBD soft gels prove themselves to be the most effective way of consuming CBD capsules due to them being easy to swallow and easy for our body to digest.

All CBD capsules function much in a similar way to their CBD edible counterparts. They’re both ways to consume cannabis compounds orally, and both have to be broken down by the digestive system in our bodies before the cannabinoid can make its way into our bloodstream. They both also come with some of the same benefits and drawbacks. They both take a more extended period to have the effects of the cannabinoid kick in as compared to some other methods of ingesting cannabis, such as ingesting cannabinoids by way of smoking or inhaling the vapour. However, they both have the effects of cannabinoids, last a lot longer than some of the methods mentioned above. However, despite their similarities, many people would choose to use CBD capsules over CBD edibles because CBD capsules are tasteless and reminiscent of other similar dietary supplements that users might already be taking. CBD capsules also come with the benefit of having more of the essential active ingredients within the CBD being delivered to the bloodstream, as the CBD suffers from less digestive breakdown when consumed in the form of a capsule.

How Do Manufacturers Create the Different Types of CBD Capsules?

While the terms pills, capsules, and soft gels are used interchangeably to refer to a capsule, they are pretty different in a technical sense. It is vital for users of cannabis products to understand the difference between the three terms to figure out what product is right for them.


CBD pills are made by pressing down on the powdered form of CBD to bind it and shale into a traditional pill. High-pressure machinery is used to press down on the powder to create just the right amount of pressure to bind together and form into a pill. Aside from the pressure-producing machinery, this method of making CBD capsules is very cheap and is, in fact, the most affordable method of making CBD capsules of the three that we will discuss in this article.

Since the CBD capsules made by way of this method have a very unpleasant taste, they are rarely sold on the market and are pretty hard to find when shopping, despite being the cheapest of the three different capsules.


CBD capsules are made by oil, or a powdered form of CBD enclosed within a plastic-like coating. The capsules produced by way of this method are also relatively cheap. The process of making them is straightforward. Due to the simplicity of creating capsules via this method, it is not uncommon to see people simply buying the required ingredients and making the capsules themselves at home rather than going ahead and buying the pills from a company. Making them at home is also cheaper than purchasing company-made products, and thus, is probably the reason so many people go ahead and do so.

However, despite it being cheap to make at home, many people making them are often not the most professional or skilled in the art, and thus, a lot of people suffer from having their capsules leak. However, these hiccups aren’t just faced by people new to CBD capsules, as sometimes even long-time capsule makers have run into the problem. The leakage problem is so common that even large-scale manufacturing companies suffer from the situation, albeit a lot more rarely than those making the capsules at home.

Aside from the leaking problem, there aren’t many other downsides to consuming this over pills. Capsules are often preferred over pills as capsules are tasteless, while pills are very distasteful, and as a result, are very difficult to swallow.

Soft Gels

It is unanimously agreed upon by a majority of the cannabis community that CBD soft gels are the best form of CBD capsules available on the market. The manufacturing of soft gels is considerably more expensive than that of pills and capsules. In addition to the fact that soft gels come in a lower potency than their similarly sized capsule counterparts, soft gels don’t seem like the best bet when buying capsules. However, the ease of use that soft gels provide its user overpowers all odds put against it.

The gelatinous casing is made with the help of filling caps and gel caps and the support of some low heat for the creation of the gelatin. The manufacturers then let the mixture cool while into a hardened form. Once it’s set, the CBD oil is infused into the gelatinous casing, and the capsule is ready for consumption.

A significant benefit the soft gels hold over the capsules is that soft gels do not risk leaking. However, it should be noted that the CBD soft gels will melt if stored in a place with sweltering temperatures and should only be stored in a cool place to safeguard their longevity. They hold all the same benefits over CBD pills that the CBD capsules contain, such as the advantage of soft gels being easier to swallow due to it not being distasteful like the CBD pills.

As mentioned above, the popularity of soft gels is the highest among its other capsule counterparts. While a lot of that popularity is attributed to its ease of use, there is another significant benefit of using soft gels over other capsules and other methods of consuming cannabis. Soft gels break down very easily within our body’s digestive tracts, ensuring that our bodies kick in the CBD’s effects very efficiently. This holds an advantage over other capsules and all the other oral forms of cannabis consumption. It also rivals some of the most favoured methods of consuming cannabis, such as smoking, as the effects kick in just as quickly but last a significant amount longer.

Variations in Making Soft Gels

While the most common method of creating soft gels is infusing CBD, or any other cannabinoid, into a gelatinous casing, some brands and companies try to mix up the process by infusing the cannabinoid into other substances. Many companies who want to go for a more vegan-friendly approach to attract new potential customers would infuse their CBD oil in vegetable glycerin instead of gelatin. Similarly, some other companies produce soft gels advertised as gluten-free due to what mixture they infused their CBD in. A common ingredient you will find within all CBD oil bases is MCT, which was discussed earlier.

Cannabis Coconut Oil

Thus far, within the term “Oil Capsules,” we have only discussed the latter half. Now we move on to the ‘Oil’ portion of the tour, more specifically, the best oil that can be used to make cannabis capsules which is coconut oil. There are many reasons coconut oil makes for a good option for cannabis capsules, but the main reason is that it has a lot of health benefits that the user can take advantage of at no additional cost.

Cannabis capsules infused with coconut oil provide a fantastic alternative to therapeutically make use of cannabis without suffering from the downsides of smoking it. Cannabis-infused coconut oil works better than other capsules and is similar to smoking in terms of how quickly the effects of the cannabis kick in. Cannabis-infused coconut oil provides the cannabis with an easier entry into the liver, where it is quickly broken down. It is processed, allowing for the effects of the cannabis to kick in rather quickly compared to other forms of oral ingestion of cannabis.

How Coconut Oil and Cannabis React Together

Cannabis contains a lot of cannabinoids. It has over one hundred different compounds. Of those many chemical compounds, it undergoes specific changes when heated to produce an even more potent version of its original cannabinoid. Due to the new cannabinoid being fat-soluble it can bind with fat cells, which is why the creation of cannabis butter using the cannabinoid is such a widespread practice in the cannabis industry. However, the fat content present within coconut oil is a lot better than what is present in butter. Thus, it binds much more effectively with the cannabinoid to produce a highly potent form of cannabis oil. The resulting cannabis coconut oil contains all the health benefits of cannabis and includes a long list of benefits that come with coconut oil.

The Various Medical Benefits of Cannabis Coconut Oil

As previously mentioned, cannabis and coconut oil have their own vast array of benefits. Still, they become a lot more impactful and potent when combined in the form of cannabis coconut oil capsules. The following are all the various medical benefits that the two provide when combined, ranging from the benefits it offers our heart to how it improves our immune system.

It Improves Heart Health

According to research conducted by the USDA, healthy fatty acids can significantly reduce the levels of LDL, or bad cholesterol, within our bodies. This makes a case for consuming coconut oil as it contains a very high proportion of those mentioned above healthy fatty acids. This, coupled with the fact that certain cannabinoids present within cannabis that help lower blood pressure, makes cannabis coconut oil an excellent choice if you are looking to improve your cardiovascular health.

It can Help With Reducing Inflammation.

It has been proven via research and with the help of several books, such as “The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids: The Current State of Evidence and Recommendations for Research,” that one of the cannabinoids present within cannabis called THC, and some other cannabinoids, are known to be used in helping patients suffering from conditions such as arthritis by reducing inflammation. The property of cannabis to reduce inflammation is used elsewhere, such as to treat injuries or treat patients with conditions similar to that of arthritis.

Coconut oil, itself, shares a lot of these anti-inflammatory properties with cannabis, and it is often used to help soothe an aching stomach. The two combined into cannabis coconut oil can have the added benefit of being applied topically to treat skin irritations that are caused by inflammation.

It Can Boost Cognition

A very recent study that researched the effects of cannabis oil on patients who have dementia found that a few of the cannabinoids present within cannabis oil were found to improve cognition and thus, reduce the symptoms and effects of dementia In patients suffering from it. The cannabinoids within cannabis oil were also found to reduce the oxidative stress placed on the brain, which not only would help alleviate the symptoms of dementia but could prevent conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease from developing within our brains in the first place.

The oxidative stress on the brain can be exponentially reduced if the cannabinoids in cannabis are combined with refined coconut oil’s antioxidant properties. Cannabis coconut oil would undoubtedly boost one’s mental capabilities.

It Has Some Potential Anticancer Properties

Though there is still some heavy research that is to be done on this particular benefit of cannabis coconut oil, with what recent studies have shown, the effects of the cannabis capsules are pretty promising. A lot of the cannabinoids present within cannabis are being studied on an individual level to find out the impact of each chemical compound on the spread of cancer and pain treatment.

The antioxidant properties present within coconut oil, as previously mentioned, are already a vital step towards preventing cancer from developing within our bodies.

It Can Help Relieve Pain

According to a newly published study, certain cannabinoids within cannabis act as a natural analgesic. The analgesic-like effects of the cannabinoids in cannabis are the same effects you would get from their medicinal drug counterparts. However, unlike the pharmaceutical drugs and morphine-derived pills, which are usually used to treat pain at the cost of some potentially hazardous side effects, the analgesic treatment you get from cannabinoids has little to no side effects, making them a safe alternative to traditional painkillers one would typically use.

The second component of the cannabis coconut oil capsule also helps to relieve pain. As previously stated, coconut oil allows more cannabinoids present within cannabis to bond with fat cells. Thus, it enhances the analgesic effects of cannabis, making it an even better option for those looking to relieve themselves of some pain without dealing with some hazardous side effects.

It Helps to Reduce Anxiety

The chemical constituents of coconut oil release ketones within the liver when the oil is consumed, and thus, it proves helpful in regulating our body’s hormones. With cannabis and its constituent cannabinoids being linked to reducing anxiety and depression, cannabis coconut oil should prove to be an excellent reliever of stress. It can also help with certain sleep disorders as well such as insomnia.

The ketones mentioned above, which form due to coconut oil, also help boost our body’s metabolic rate, which helps with weight loss and helps strengthen the immune system.

It’s A Strong AntiBacterial and AntiViral

This property of the cannabis coconut oil capsule is mainly provided by the coconut oil bit of the capsule. As previously mentioned, there are many healthy fatty acids present within coconut oil, which makes it an excellent binding agent for cannabinoids. A majority of the fat that coconut oil comprises is called lauric acid.

Lauric acid is often referred to as a ‘miracle ingredient’ due to its rarity and beneficial properties. It is only found in 3 dietary sources. There are minor amounts of acid present within the fat in butter, but a more significant part is found within palm kernel and coconut oil.

When consumed, the lauric acid is turned into a ‘monolaurin’ substance after reacting with certain chemicals within our bodies. The monolaurin which forms within our bodies is a very potent antiviral, antiprotozoal, and antibacterial. The monolaurin substance being classed as a monoglyceride can eradicate certain lipid-coated viruses such as measles. It can also fend off against herpes, influenza, HIV, and a large variety of different bacterial pathogens.

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