Canna-Cocktails: Enhance Regular Drinks with Cannabis Tinctures

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Cannabis drinks are not at all a novel way to get high. In fact, when mixed properly, they can even bring medicinal benefits such as relief from chronic pain, muscle spasms, insomnia, and even anxiety. It’s not imperative to mix cannabis with alcohol, either. For beginners, whipping up a canna drink can be as simple as adding a dose of cannabis tincture to tonics, regular beverages, and mocktails.

Points to Ponder

But before you create your own canna concoction, there are some important points to consider. According to Warren Bobrow, “Cocktail Whisperer” and author of the book ‘”Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails, and Tonics,” when easing into cannabis drinks, it pays to take it slow. He says to keep the dosage low and if possible, don’t go beyond a single drink. Remember that alcohol can get you drunk, while cannabis can get you high. These are two different reactions that occur within the body and that is where the biggest concern lies. Depending on factors such as the regularity of use or your personal metabolism, it may take at least an hour for the effect of cannabis to sink in. The cannabis high also tends to be more intense or to stick around longer, as some drinkers report feeling its effects into the morning. If you’re looking to reap the apothecary benefits of a canna drink but minus the high, go for a buzz-free CBD tincture from your dispensary. Here are some beverages that are worth a few drops of tincture:


Up for a fancy beverage but not the alcohol? Mocktails are for you. Concoct a good mocktail by balancing the sour, sweet, and usually alcohol-based bold flavors with one another, and then adding the tincture directly. If you’re making an Old Fashioned, achieve a zesty nip with a citrus tincture. If you have herbal and floral tincture, add a few drops to a botanical-infused fine gin.


Smoothies go with any type of tincture, but it’s best to enhance fruit or vegetable-based beverage with a drop of fruit-forward tincture for a grassy yet still subtle dimension. You may also add a dollop of soy or Greek yogurt to your smoothies, alongside frozen fruits and various juices (orange and apple are popular options). Just remember to drop your tincture in before you mix, to tincture to incorporate more smoothly.

Bubble Tea

Usually served with tapioca balls, bubble tea (or milk tea) offers unique flavors and a fun mouthfeel on its own. Adding a boost of cannabinoids makes it an even more flavorful beverage.

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is made with milk (whole milk if you do it right), which makes it easy to infuse cannabis into this beverage. Add a dropper or two of tincture to a fresh cup of hot chocolate or simply infuse hot milk with strain, decarboxylated cannabis, and then stir in chocolate. For an added punch, add coffee liquor or half an ounce of peppermint schnapps to your mix.

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