Buying Shatter For Sale In BC: What To Know

When you buy shatter for sale in BC, you need to know the quality you are getting, as well as how to best enjoy it once you have it. This product is a concentrated form of cannabis, usually running THC levels of between 40-60%. It has an amber, glass-like look and gets its name from shattered-glass-looking crystals that form when a large sheet is broken down. This substance can boast some high THC levels, but is still fairly mild when compared to the purest form, diamonds, sitting at around 99.5% THC. As a smoother alternative to flower, this provides a longer-lasting, more manageable high when smoked in the proper doses – although it can also knock your socks off when stacked up high. While most may be accustomed to a joint or a bong, smoking this kind of extract is a little different. Read on to find out more about the enjoyment of this golden offering.


While there are a few ways to go about it, the most commonly seen and preferred method is with a rig. This looks similar to a bong, using the same principles, but usually, with far more intricate tubing throughout the body. The bong bowl would usually be placed in either a quartz banger or a titanium nail. Both of these elements work in the same way, with much better arguing – we will leave that decision up to you. Both of these elements conduct heat excellently and, when heated with a torch, will glow red hot after about a minute. Once heated, turn off the torch, use a dab tool to scoop the shatter, and place it on the nail or in the banger cup after a few seconds. Once the concentrate touches the surface, it will give off thick vapor, which the smoker then inhales through the rig.


E-nails are just a different take on your traditional rig. Most of them work in conjunction with your rig. Only the nail or banger is encased in a coil, instead of heat with a torch. This allows for a more steady and manageable level of heat, allowing you to alternate between more smoke or more flavour, which is the takeoff when dealing with the ideal temperatures of these devices.

While there are a few more ways to enjoy your shatter for sale in BC to get the best experience, these would be the ways to go. With the best chance to minimize waste when smoking, these methods let you get the most out of your purchase. Contact us to find out more about extract.

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