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If you are thinking of purchasing weed online in British Columbia, you’re in the right place. Our website,, is one of the top places in BC Canada to buy weed online, especially in BC. The process of purchasing weed online at Wholesale Bud is the same all across the province of British Columbia. All you need is to be of legal age (19+), have a computer and a Canadian bank account, and you’re off to the races!

In this guide, you’ll learn the process of buying cannabis on our website, and how to get it delivered right to your doorstep for the best possible price.

Buying Weed Online in British Columbia

The process of buying weed online in British Columbia is actually pretty simple. The good news is that you are already on the best website to buy weed online in BC: On our online cannabis store, you will find a massive collection of premium cannabis products. Anyone that is at least 19 years of age or older will be able to purchase mail order marijuana.

The first step to purchase cannabis on our website is to visit one of our various product category pages. On the top menu, you will find a list of all the product categories. You can click any one of these to be taken to their corresponding shop pages.

Once you are on a category page, you will see a list of products. If you see one you like, you can add it directly to your cart from the category shop page. Alternatively, you can go and click on the product to view more information about it. From here, you can choose all of the options for your product and add it to the cart.

Once you have added to the cart, you can proceed by clicking the cart button at the top right. From here, you can then click the checkout button and proceed with completing your order. Enter in all of the necessary information, such as your billing and shipping address. Also choose your payment method that you wish to use.

If you select eTransfer as your payment method, follow the instructions on the following page to send your eTransfer to us. Once it is accepted, your order will automatically be shipped out.

What to Look for in an Online Dispensary in British Columbia

When you decide to buy weed online in Canada, how do you know which stores to trust? Look for these important factors:

Recent Reviews

When you visit a seller’s website, you usually find a review page at the bottom of the product description. Here, you can read real user reviews. You can learn about their experiences with the product and with the company.

Some of the comments may provide insight into the quality of the products. Others talk about customer service, price ranges, free shipping, and other things.

In addition to our product reviews, you can also take a look at our Google Reviews. You’ll notice that our business is one of the top rated in the country, with over 4.8 stars average review rating:

This level of success is only possible because we offer top quality marijuana products for the best prices. Additionally, our customer service is top notch. If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be glad to help. Your positive experience is our top priority.

Wide Selection of High Quality Cannabis Products

If you look at other stores such as BC Cannabis Stores, you’ll notice that their product lineup is severely lacking. Online dispensaries have the ability to offer cheap weed for the best prices. Our online store has some of the best quality strains in the country. You can take a look at our cannabis strains category page just to see how incredible our selection is. Our company has the flexibility to offer a wider range of weed products for purchase compared to brick and mortar stores.

Great Prices

Marijuana enthusiasts shouldn’t need to pay crazy prices for the highest quality cannabis products. At Wholesale Bud, all of our premium strains are offered at the lowest prices in Canada. We pride ourselves on putting our customers first above all else. All of our cannabis products are locally sourced within British Columbia and not out of province.

Fast Delivery

Nobody likes waiting weeks to get a package after making a purchase. When you buy from our online cannabis store, we pick and pack your order the day of. We also use Canada Xpresspost to get you your package as soon as humanly possible. Because we are located within BC, you’ll also get your package faster than if you were to order from a company on the East Coast.

Where to Buy Weed Online in BC

If you want to buy the best marijuana products in BC, you can navigate to all of our different product category pages on our site. At WBUD, we provide a wide selection of marijuana edibles, flowers, concentrates, and other products for smoking, vaping, ingesting, and other purposes.

We offer quality weed products and reliable customer service. Our indica, sativa, and hybrid strains are highly rated, potent, and packed with benefits. Whenever you buy online in BC, always remember to shop at WBUD.

The Best Weed to Buy Online in BC

When you buy weed online in British Columbia, you will find so many options to choose from. When you visit our online dispensary in BC, you can filter the products to indicate the best-selling products, top-rated products, and more.

Wide Variety of Cannabis Strains

When you visit our store in British Columbia, you will find various cannabis strains. Some are newbie-friendly, while others are highly potent. When you buy weed online at our site, you are guaranteed to find strains for stimulation, relaxation, or a balance of both. All of our strains have great taste and flavour profile.

Cannabis Strain Categories

There are three major categories of strains, namely Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. Each has its specific effects on the body and the mind.

Sativa Strains

The sativa cannabis strains have tall plants characterized by feathery buds and long, thin leaves. This strain can uplift moods, elevate euphoria, and spark creativity in users. Because the effects are energizing and invigorating, it is best to use during the day.

Indica Strains

The indica cannabis strains have short plants characterized by dense buds and wide leaves. This strain can provide a relaxing and soothing effect. Hence, more people turn to Indica varieties for their calming, sedating effect.

Hybrid Strains

The hybrid cannabis strains are a cross between both the Sativa and Indica varieties. Depending on which is more dominant, the hybrid varieties can induce more of a euphoric high with some relaxing effects or more sedating effects with mild euphoric high.

Hybrids come in different names depending on the cultivar and its effects. You may come across names such as Lemon Kush, Midnight Express, Dark Angel, Rockstar, Sour Nuken, and the like. 

These names are numerous to mention. Hence, you should do your research on these names to determine their specific effects. You can search the Internet for more information on these varieties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a few commonly asked questions regarding the ordering process:

How to I Order?

Many people are not familiar with placing orders on online stores. Because of this, we have prepped a “How to Buy” guide just for you. Simply click the link and follow the instructions.

What is Mail Order Marijuana?

Mail order marijuana is a phrase that is sometimes used to refer to marijuana products purchased online. Whenever you buy weed online in Canada, you may come across this phrase in online reviews, forums, and discussion boards. It simply means that we will be shipping your products out via mail, primarily Canada Post.

How Long Does Delivery Take?

As mentioned, our cannabis mail delivery service typically sees a turn-around time of 3 – 5 business days within British Columbia. However, sometimes it can be sooner depending on how busy Canada Post is at the given time, and what time of day you place your order.

For example, if you buy weed on our site in the morning, we will have more time to complete your payment and order. Additionally, if you purchase on a Sunday for example, we will have extra time to get the order prepped and packed to go out on the Monday.

Can I Trust Wholesale Bud?

The team at Wholesale Bud has many years of experience working in both online cannabis sales and in-person dispensary settings. Because of this, we know all of the caveats and concerns that people have when buying cannabis products.

If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can visit our contact page to gain access to resources that will allow you to reach out to our support team.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to buy cannabis online in BC, look no further than Wholesale Bud. Our mail order marijuana delivery service is perfect for people that live all across the province, whether you are on Vancouver Island, Greater Vancouver, or in the interior of BC , we’ve got you covered. Be sure to check out our featured products on our homepage to see all of the best sale items that are currently being offered.

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