Bubble Gum Strain Review


Sweet, sweet, sweet. If there’s one thing that makes the Bubble Gum a classic, it’s the saccharine surprise one gets with each huff. In our Bubble Gum Strain Review, we take a deep dive into what makes this multi-awarded strain such a legendary hybrid.

Bubblegum is a hybrid strain developed by Amsterdam-based breeders T.H. seeds. It gained a quick reputation for its sweet flavour that’s hard to resist. Aside from its sweetness, it’s known for inducing a powerfully relaxing high that leaves users feeling uplifted and couch-locked at the same time.

Since its inception, Bubblegum has gone on to win the Cannabis Cup four times — indeed, a claim to fame only a few strains have ever achieved. So let’s pop one out, blow a bubble, and delve right into this full review.

About the Bubble Gum Strain

Sweet and powerful, the Bubblegum is well-known within the cannabis community. The strain holds several accolades, even winning the High Times Cannabis Cup an impressive four times. 

First Developed in Indiana during the 1970s, the hybrid cannabis strain (80%/20%) has varying Indica and Sativa dominance. You’ll find Indica-dominant ones, as well as those that are more Sativa-inclined. Expect this hybrid to induce both classic Indica and Sativa effects.

Bubble Gum Strain Overview

Bubble Gum is a captivating yet fruity strain that has been popular for years. One of the most honoured hybrid strains ever created offers beautifully balanced effects in a one-of-a-kind gastronomic experience. 

This strain has an Indica-Sativa ratio of between 50%. Its THC percentage can range between 14% to 18%. Although it is not medical cannabis, it has a CBD content of close to 1%.

It’s one of the best strains for creative people, as it enhances creativity and makes it easier to enjoy art and other creative endeavours. Bubblegum also produces a heavy body high that can be used as an effective painkiller. This strain may not be the best choice if you’re looking for energy or appetite stimulation, but its mood-enhancing properties make up for this slight downside.

Bubblegum buds have a bright green colour complemented by a thick layer of white frosting and bright orange hairs. It smells, well, of pink Bubblegum with hints of floral and dank.

History and Lineage

Indiana Cultivators first developed the strain Bubblegum during the 1970s. The hybrid was a crossing between the Indiana Bubblegum and some other unknown strain in its earliest forms.

Some sources say that Bubble Gum was bred with G13, Blueberry, and Afghani genetics. With no conclusive evidence available, it’s up to you whether you choose to believe one version over another. The exact lineage of this strain is unclear.

Holland-based seed bank T.H. Seeds cloned and hybridized the original Bubble Gum weed in the 90s. It took many generations for T.H. Seeds to capture a uniquely delectable bubblegum flavour.

The sweet Bubblegum we know (and love) today made its first appearance in 1993. Since its inception, the hybrid has gone on to bag accolade after accolade.

It won its first two awards in the 1994 Cannabis Cup, followed by a second-place finish in the 1995 High Time Cannabis Cup. Years later, it would again receive recognition as the Top Strain at the 2005 Spannabis Cannabis Champions Cup. Bubblegum clocked up a second-place finish at the same awards event the following year.

Most recently, the strain’s feminized seeds bagged third-best Sativa at the Expogrow-Cup 2016 in Spain. Bubblegum has won a total of 13 awards, including four High Times Cannabis Cups.

Indeed, there’s nothing short of legendary about this particular strain. It is, in fact, the Holland-based seed bank’s first venture in cannabis. The success of Bubblegum canonized T.H. seeds in the cannabis Hall of Fame.

Bubblegum Strain Appearance

Bubblegum buds appear light green in hue. Several brilliant orange hairs add vibrancy to this strain. The buds themselves appear fluffy and airy thanks to crystalline trichomes indicative of heavy resin production.

Plants are relatively short, peaking at around 120 to 160 centimetres. It’s also less branched, so clipping should be done with care.

Bubblegum Strain Aroma and Taste

Aroma-wise, Bubblegum plants have a distinctively sweet smell. The smell is candy-like with hints of floral notes. When you break open the plant’s buds, you’ll also get a whiff of danker and earthier accents that you’ll get your craving even more.

The flavours of Bubblegum are, well, predominantly gum-like (particularly the pink kind). It’s a real treat for anyone that’s looking for tasty smoke. If you’re a fan of candy, you’ll have a challenging time prying these away.

Aside from sweetness, you’ll pick up notes of berry and cream entwined with even more sugar notes. Seriously, it tastes fantastic!

Bubblegum Strain Potency

Bubblegum has an average THC content of 19%, but you’ll find that it can range anywhere from 15% to 19%. It has a reasonably moderate CBD content of 0.17% to 0.5%.

While Bubble Gum is not the most potent strain in existence, it does pack a punch. Users can expect to feel an intense body high that may also induce couch lock for some.

It’s also important to note that this strain isn’t perfect for treating medical issues, as it may worsen conditions with an unpredictable outcome. As always, you should seek medical advice when trying to use any strain for medicinal purposes.

Bubblegum Strain Effects

You’re looking for a strain that will help you relax but also keep your mind sharp. After trying many strains, you don’t feel like any of them are what you’re looking for.

Then try the Bubblegum Strain! This sweet and fruity strain is perfect for those who want to relax after a long day or enjoy some time drawing or painting. It’s also great if you need pain relief without drowsiness.

You’ll love this hybrid for its taste and unique effects. The Bubblegum offers a combination of Indica and Sativa effects that includes a powerful euphoric high followed by deep relaxation.

The high itself is well-balanced and refreshing. It’s a noticeably uplifting high that you’ll want to smoke when finding something to feel happy about. A few huffs in, and you’ll find yourself giggling at the company of close friends.

The Bubblegum strain also gets you in the creative zone. It can make it easier for people to enjoy art. And if you’re the artist, you’ll find it easier coming up with exciting ideas for your next-level craft.

Potential Side Effects

When smoking marijuana, you’ll never entirely escape some of its adverse effects. Because of its THC content, the Bubblegum strain can cause dizziness, dry eyes, dry mouth, and paranoia. It can also cause an increase in heart rate and blood pressure.

It’s also important to note that the Bubblegum strain can cause cottonmouth (cottonmouth). Cottonmouth is when someone has dryness in their mouth caused by smoking weed. It often makes it difficult to swallow, so make sure you have enough water with you.

Side effects of smoking weed can be prevented mainly by paying attention to your smoking technique. You can also opt to cut back on your dosage or switch strains altogether.

Benefits of Bubblegum Strain

Bubblegum is known for its benefits when consumed via vape, orally ingested by eating or drinking an infused product, and even smoking, which provides instant relief. Whether you smoke, eat, or vape, Bubblegum is a great choice when looking for fast-acting relief.

Though this indica-dominant hybrid was never intended to be medical marijuana, it offers many health benefits. Thanks to its high THC content, the Bubblegum strain inherently possesses value. From treating a medical condition to fostering creativity, it’s an excellent choice for anyone hoping to leverage the power of cannabinoids.

Great for those with mood disorders

Bubblegum is an excellent strain for those suffering from mood or anxiety disorders. It’s an excellent choice for patients with ADHD or ADD as it helps to alleviate stress and anxiety. The hybrid has also been known to help patients fight off depression and fatigue.

Helps fight off symptoms of PTSD

The strain has been shown to help patients deal with post-traumatic stress disorder, which can cause anxiety and depression, among other debilitating things that interfere with daily life. It provides a calming effect while simultaneously enhancing creativity. Making it a good choice for those who want to fight their PTSD symptoms without the side effects of pharmaceutical medications.

Provides relief against chronic pains

The strain is also helpful in the fight against chronic pains due to its high THC content. This makes it an excellent choice for individuals interested in using cannabidiol as a treatment for their disorders.

Aids in the relief of nausea

Nausea is often a side effect of many medications, so it’s difficult to avoid. If you’re suffering from nausea due to medication, take some Bubblegum, and your stomach will calm down.

Stimulates creative thinking

Bubblegum indica can be used to help your creative juices flow. The euphoric high brings artists out of their rut. This hybrid will bring out inspiring thoughts and ideas to rouse both the mind and soul with the correct dose.

Many people enjoy this strain for its effects on creativity and socializing – it’s a relaxing smoke without too intense of a high. This allows you to enjoy it for long periods.

Combats sleeplessness and insomnia

This strain is perfect for those who are struggling with sleep daily. The Indica dominant hybrid has been known to help people decrease tension and stress, which allows the mind to relax. Furthermore, this helps your body release any bodily stress you might have.

Bubble Gum Consumer Reviews: Why People Love This Strain

Bubblegum is a potent strain that contains both Indica and Sativa effects. It is often used as medicinal marijuana for those who want to combat pain without feeling drowsy. It can also be used as recreational marijuana because the body high and the sweet flavour make it an enjoyable experience.

It’s a favourite among many people, amateur and bonafide potheads alike. It smells like fruit gum and has a taste that matches beautifully. The high is uplifting, which sets it apart from other strains. This hybrid does wonders for the mood.

Growing Bubble Gum Seeds

A relatively easy plant to grow. It does not need many nutrients, and it has excellent resistance to insects. It’s usually the only inbred strain offered by most banks, thus giving you stable and sturdy plants with uniformly thick stems.

Bubblegum tolerates most climates, but expert producers claim the strain grows best in the New England climate. That means you’ll want the plants to be in a dry and sunny environment constantly.

The flowering period for those green buds is between 8 and 9 weeks (or 55 to 60 days). However, a harvest period from late October will best suit those interested in outdoor growing. Its typical height still produces at least 15 ounces (350-500 grames) per square meter, eventually making it a good choice for those interested in an excellent yield size.

One thing to watch out for is rotting. Bubblegum is vulnerable to mould and root rot, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve got good drainage no matter what. 

As long as you meet the requirement, it’s a pretty solid plant to grow indoors and outdoors. A quick flowering cycle and large yields make this variety a top choice among all annual hybrid types.

Bubblegum seeds are not easy to find online, but you can purchase them from T.H. Seeds directly. This company ships its seeds worldwide, so everybody has the chance to grow this strain! You can also order both regular and feminized seeds from other seed banks.

Similar Strains

Bubble Gum is simply incomparable. That being said, you’ll find that other strains offer similar effects or tastes (to some degree) reminiscent of the Bubble Gum.

The potency of the high from Bubble Gum is comparable to that of California Orange and Headband. It has a sweet, and fruity aroma that reminds you of your favourite fruit gum or candy.

Try out another legendary strain if you want something even closer: the Strawberry-Banana by Crockett Family Farms. Bubblegum is its mother plant, so it’s no surprise that Strawberry-Banana has its seat at the table.

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Bubble Gum Strain Review – Final Verdict

Bubble Gum is a fantastic hybrid that hits hard and fast with uplifting Sativa effects combined with a relaxing Indica high. It’s perfect for anyone looking to relax and enjoy the moment without feeling anxious or paranoid.

Bubble Gum is a fantastic strain that can be enjoyed by both novice and experienced cannabis consumers alike! With its tasty flavour, fast-hitting effects, and low price tag, Bubblegum is sure to keep your taste buds tingling for more.

Whether you are looking for chronic pain relief or just something fun to do on Friday night, this sweet-smelling bud should be considered! Be sure to order your dose at Wholesalebuds.Ca, but also check other hybrid strains, so you don’t miss out on all the best deals we offer!

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