Black Dahlia Strain Review


Equally eye-catching and delectable, the Black Dahlia strain is one of the lesser-known strains in today’s cannabis market. In our Black Dahlia Strain Review, we dig deep into the shadows and determine what makes this strain so alluring.

Like its namesake, the Black Dahlia remains elusive to this day. An Indica-dominant hybrid, this noir-inspired kush glistens with THC perfect for the highly sensual nighttime affair. No wonder it’s built a seductive reputation on rounds of whispers among her fans.

Lovers of mystery will be enticed by her rich, sweet flavours — an ode to its Cherry Soda and Querkle lineage. But like any mystery, she’s got secrets under her sleeves. Let’s investigate.

About the Black Dahlia Strain

The Black Dahlia marijuana strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid (75%/25%) believed to be a purported cross between two reputable flowers: the unique Cherry Soda and the fruity Querkle. Thanks to its Indica genetics, the Black Dahlia induces a potent high that’s perfect for night use.

Just like its namesake, the Black Dahlia has gained a cult following. Those who have a perchance for the dark will appreciate its secrets. In this mystery strain, marijuana meets the macabre.


Black Dahlia buds possess a bewitching purple-red coloration that shines in the shadows. And beneath her beauty hides an even more mysterious flavour profile, one that combines berry and pine, florals and honey.

The Black Dahlia has an unforgettable taste that is sagey and honey-like, with a hint of sweetness in the exhale. In the inhales, you get more of her tantalizing floral flavour.

This strain does not have much smell until it’s broken apart. When she gives off aromas, they are sweet floral-smelling scents mixed with the familiar honey sage scent.

This strain is potent and delivers strong body effects. You’ll feel the rush of a cerebral high that is quickly replaced by a solid sedating effect. It may only be suitable for new users as it can easily give off couch-lock or send someone into a deep meditative state that they cannot escape from!

History and Lineage

There’s much we don’t know about the Black Dahlia. Her breeders have yet to come out into the daylight, and we’re left with scraps to work with.

We know that she’s a purported cross between Black Cherry Soda and Querkle. Black Dahlia leans towards its Indica genetics and takes from her exquisitely delicious parent strains.

Black Cherry Soda

The Black Cherry Soda strain is a hybrid strain (50%/50%) known for its unique fruit and soda-like flavour and vivid dark-purple buds. The resin-laden, sticky buds give off both fruity and earthy accents. Flavor-wise, it does indeed taste like cola. 

Black Cherry Soda takes its appearance from Indica genetics, but her cerebral effects are reminiscent of Sativa. Cherry Soda’s balanced effects make it a go-to for trying to be more productive during the daytime. 


The Querkle is an Indica-leaning hybrid strain (80%/20%) closely related to the legendary Purple Urkle. This Indica-dominant flower has an unmistakable grape and berry flavour, which you can taste from its light purple flowers. The sweet aroma of grapes mixes with hints of berries, pine, and berry.

This fast-growing strain induces intense THC highs, accompanied by creative thinking. However, its robust body effects are often accompanied by side effects, including dry eyes, dry mouth, dizziness, and even paranoia.


Black Dahlia’s beauty isn’t apparent at first glance. To the untrained eye, Dahlia’s flowers resemble shadows at night: black, unsuspecting, yet eerily familiar. Take a closer look, and you’ll find yourself provoked by its nightly glamour.

It is hard to tell how beautiful Black Dahlias are until they’re taken in for more than just one glimpse alone. This strain has an eerie but attractive appearance that entices those around it to take another peek or two out of curiosity — you will be hooked too!

Distinct Purple Red Coloration

Her buds come in a blend of dark greens and an unmistakable purple-red shade. Though she hides in her shadows, Black Dahlia flowers glisten even in the dark thanks to heavy trichome production abilities.

Each bud is meticulously covered with delectable resin and sugar crystals. This strain is sticky to the touch. Don’t be surprised if Black Dahlia glues itself to whatever container you place her in. 

Another notable feature is Black Dahlia’s fat nugs, juxtaposed with beautifully shaped calyxes at the bottom. Her flowers are further accentuated by a thin layer of pistils and long, dark leaves. Truly eye-catching!

Aroma and Taste

The flavour and aroma of the Black Dahlia can be best described as a concoction of profiles. Let’s take this mystery smoke by smoke.

On the first few huffs, you get a rich honey sage taste. It’s piney and spicey that leans towards the mellow side. Blaze her a little more, and you’ll notice sweet berries that grow even sweeter by the minute. The exhale welcomes you to her covert yet irresistible floral undertones.

Much like its flavour profile, the Black Dahlia bud possesses a sage-like scent. When broken apart, these nugs give off an aroma that is sweet and floral.


When it comes to the indicas, there’s a lot of talk about THC levels. Right off the bat, the Black Dahlia is a mellow mixture of cannabinoids that do not peak all too impressively.

Don’t let her low THC content fool you, though. Black Dahlia is still on the more potent side. A few huffs in, and you might end up sleeping beauty, couch-locked and sedated, in just a few hours.

Great for the First Time Smoker

Containing only 15% THC at max, the Black Dahlia is a relatively mellow THC Indica strain. It’s an approachable bud that is perfect for all kinds of potheads.

Her low THC levels should not deter those looking for a more profound experience. Black Dahlia does not fall short in delivering a potent high. Please don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Black Dahlia’s effects come two-fold (no pun intended): an energetic head high that quickly fades into a sedative indica calm.

Phase one involves a cerebral rush that will have you ebbing in and out of social situations at ease. Don’t be surprised if you feel your libido spiking at this stage.

You’ll find yourself at your most comfortable and relaxed. You might even feel a tingly sensation course through your body.

Uplifting effects naturally come to a halt. As this high wears down, you’ll feel the strongest desire to rest. The sudden drowsiness will have you sleeping in no time.

Potential Side Effects

Though it does not have the most impressive THC content, Black Dahlia can still cause mild side effects.

The potential side effects of the Black Dahlia strain include:

  • paranoia and anxiety
  • nausea, dizziness, and headaches
  • dry eyes, dry mouth, and bloodshot eyes
  • increased heart rate and blood pressure

These can be countered by drinking lots of water and taking regular breaks from activity. First-timers should always start slow and work their way up.

Benefits of Black Dahlia Strain

Part of Black Dahlia’s enigmatic allure is the impressive benefits she offers. Like an enchantress, she makes an excellent treatment for life’s many woes. Her strong body effects are perfect for those needing insomnia and pain relief.

Helps with mood disorders like anxiety and depression

As an indica dominant strain, Black Dahlia can work wonders to calm anxiety, stress, depression. It can also be used to help with mild cases of PTSD. Black Dahlia helps you to feel relaxed and calm, just as with any other sedative.

Provides relief from pain and inflammation

Medically speaking, the Black Dahlia offers the full benefits of any other Indica-dominant strain. It’s no wonder she is a great strain when used for pain relief.

Those who suffer from chronic pain and migraines will find the buds to be a godsend. Aside from pain relief, Black Dahlia can also alleviate inflammation. 

Counters insomnia and sleeplessness

Black Dahlias are considered to be very high-quality medical strains that are great for any day. However, she’s best smoked at night when you’re ready to hit the hay.

Black Dahlia makes a perfect bedtime companion. Her nighttime spells can easily take away your stress and worries. Racing thoughts quickly melt away as you drift off into an uplifting and euphoric high that is both mental and physically relaxing.

Consuming closer tonight will net you a restful sleep. If you’re someone who is always stressed out or has insomnia, maybe her spells are just what you need. 

Similar strains

If you’re looking for a similar strain to Black Dahlia with higher THC levels, try out the Blue Dream. It has between 12% and 15% THC content which will have you up all day.

The White Widow is an intense, clear-headed high that will leave you energized and uplifted. It’s not physically sedating like the Black Dahlia, but it more than makes up for this with its cerebral effects.

For an even mellower experience, try good old Northern Lights, which has about 20% THC levels. The heavy Indica effects of this strain will have you feeling euphoric, relaxed, and happy.

Grow Information

Cultivating your Black Dahlia is a medium-growing challenge that’s perfect for those looking to get out of the “beginner” zone. It thrives in warm climates, so you’ll want to keep temperatures relatively high. Just keep her in a soil base with enough nutrition, and you’re almost always good to go.

Outdoor Growing

Black Dahlia’s flowering time is approximately 60-65 days (10-11 weeks), but it will need another few weeks in the flowering room to ensure her heavy trichome production. Your nugs, though short-lived, should be ready for harvest by early October when grown outdoors.

The Black Dahlia plant has excellent resistance against pests, making growing easy enough for beginners who want to add this strain into their garden!

Indoor Growing

Indoor growers will find that Black Dahlia’s can thrive in the house as long as her temperature conditions are met. She’s a relatively short plant, so you need not worry about foliage reaching your apartment ceilings. Instead, you’ll be rewarded with India-like bushes.

Black Dahlia Reviews: Why Customers Love Black Dahlia

Though it’s one of the lesser-known strains in the cannabis market, the Black Dahlia continues to grow in popularity thanks to word of mouth.

Black Dahlia has a unique flavour that is often described as “skunky” and “sweet.” It’s not an easy taste to forget! Amateur potheads enjoy this strain because it offers strong body effects without being too overwhelming. Potentially negative side effects are rare with this particular bud.

Lots of customers said that they felt instant relief from stress and anxiety even after the first smoke. Aside from feelings of relaxation, customers are captivated by the sudden onset of its initial uplifting effects.

All in all, BLACK DAHLIA – 1 OZ  is a “feel-good” strain that’s perfect for those who need to wind down after a long day or those who have been diagnosed with chronic pain or migraines. Its strong body effects provide a soothing sensation for those struggling with insomnia, depression, and PTSD too.

Buy Black Dahlia Strain Online

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Black Dahlia Strain Review – Final Verdict

Just as the night is full of terrors, it too can bring wonders with the right kush. The Black Dahlia is for those who love a good mystery before they hit the hay.

She charms with shadowy purple-red buds. She allures with her mellow indica highs. She seduces with an enticing aroma and taste that will make you come back again and again for more. 

Though its namesake crime may never be solved, the Black Dahlia strain has already won the hearts of first-time smokers and potheads alike. Case closed.

If you need help deciding which cannabis product might be right for you, let us know! You also check out other Indica strains that may suit your needs better.

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