A Deep Dive Into Bubba Kush

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Here at WBUD, we carry a ton of strains for you to choose from. Whether it’s an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid, as an online dispensary in BC, we’ve got you covered. Among these many choices, one strain that remains popular up to this day is Bubba Kush (Bk).

As a hundred percent Indica, the most noticeable effect of Bubba Kush is just chill, the kind that feels as if one’s tranquilized and relaxed – a classic Indica that offers functionality while fuelling one’s appetite and cradling one to kick back and relax on the couch. It comes as no surprise that Bk is still on many shelves like ours.

In general, Bubba Kush offers a myriad of aromas, which range from earthy to pungent, and at times, spicy with hints of sweetness. Its flavour is distinct as well, which is reminiscent of coffee, chocolate, and hash, or all three combined. The plant itself has thick flowers with dark green colours and bulbous buds, giving stoners a solid body high. It isn’t too strong, so first-timers will find themselves enjoying the laid back vibe, while still maintaining cognitive function.

The Stories Behind Bubba Kush

Given its popularity, Bubba Kush’s roots have a mysterious history. Leafly.com narrates how Bk’s stout plant shape and the manner its buds are formed denote Afghani descent, but there are no actual records of its origins apart from it first spreading in California. A breeder, nicknamed “Bubba,” says that the strain came about around 1996. He says that an OG Kush hybrid pollinated an indica sourced from New Orleans, and it is still speculated that Northern Lights is the mother plant. How Bubba Kush came to be remains untraceable, but as one of the favourite indica strains out there, it’s here to stay.

Wikileaf.com shares a similar story about Bubba Kush and its parents: OG Kush and an undefined Northern Lights phenotype from New Orleans. The only difference in this story is that the origin of the name “Bubba” is unspecified. The original breeder was said to be from L.A., and that the newly birthed plant just so happened to be named so. Wikileaf also says that Bk started to flourish around 1998, and that prior to that, all we had were clones.

Another story about Bubba Kush and its roots comes from Potguide.com, and while they are also uncertain about its lineage, Pot Guide has had the chance to talk to Bubba or Matt, who talked about the plant starting out in Florida and its links to the OG family. The site relates another story regarding the other cuts that have contributed to Bubba Kush spreading across the U.S. in the 2000s.

All these stories intersect at the point where we really aren’t sure of how the classic Indica came to be, and that’s fine, given how growers have managed to replicate the seeds. However, one thing we’re sure of is this: its sedating high is one that anyone can work with if they find the right amount to smoke up to.

Keeping it Chill and Cosy: For Medical and Recreational Use

Feel free to try out our Bubba Kush, as its legacy continues up to this day. If you intend to smoke it for anxiety, insomnia, or a really weak appetite, you won’t be disappointed. Both Leafly and Pot Guide score the strain at 4.3 and 4.5 stars, respectively, and with our pricing and discounts, you’re sure to find yourself a bargain.

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