A Complete Guide to Buying Weed: What You Need To Know

buying weed

buying weed

Did you know over 4 million Canadians use Cannabis either medically or recreationally?

It’s no surprise that with so many people consuming weed those that are new to the world of smoking might not know what to look for.

Are you ready to start buying weed for the first time but are overwhelmed with the choices and what’s best? Keep reading to learn all the details about buying good bud. 

Buying Weed for the First Time: What You Need to Know

After years of waiting and Canada finally legalizing recreational marijuana it’s important to get familiar with a few things first. Most cannabis is either indica, sativa, or a hybrid of both. 

Indica is known as the relaxing strain and sativa is known to be the opposite, energizing or stimulating. A great way to remember the difference is Indica is also known and “In Da Couch,” and it can literally make you that relaxed. Usually, this is a great choice when you are having trouble sleeping or are dealing with anxiety.

Looking out for the following will help you when you’re choosing the best of the best to smoke:


Examine the colour of your weed to make sure it’s green. Keep in mind the shade can vary from light to dark depending on the strain. Higher quality buds can also have a hint of the colours purple or blue in them.

If you ever come across a bud that’s brown, tan, red, or yellow it’s more than likely low-grade bud. 

Good quality bud will also have vibrant “hairs” coloured orange or red. 


Quality weed will have a strong pleasant odour coming from it. The stronger the smell usually indicates the better the flower is. Low-quality bud will have a quirky smell. 

Anything that smells musty or grassy is not good. This means that the cannabis has been sitting around and has aged. If it doesn’t smell good it was either not cured right or it was mishandled at some point during its growth.


When it comes to choosing the best weed you will have to take a look at the bud and examine it. Does the bud have a ton of seeds and stems? If the answer is “yes” this is NOT good bud. 

If you ever find tons of stems in your bud this was not carefully trimmed and packaged. Stems only take up room and weight because they don’t have any effects on your smoking experience.

Also, look out for seeds. Seeds don’t taste good and when they are set on fire they can explode causing the rest of the weed to be ruined when you’re smoking out of a bowl. Experienced and professional sellers will not sell you weed that has seeds in it. 


For this, you might need a magnifying glass to check further. If the marijuana plant was grown properly it will have trichomes you can see with a magnifying glass and sometimes with the naked eye. 

Trichomes are where the terpenes and the cannabinoids are stored. This is what gives a good taste and smell, and the effects. Trichomes look like sparkling crystals when you look at them up close.

If the trichomes are transparent this means that the plant was harvested before it was 100% ripe. If the trichomes have an amber look then the plant was harvested too late. Bottom line is that you want to see crystal-like, sparkling trichomes.

The more you can see with your naked eye instead of needing the magnifying glass the stronger the flower. 


Once you have the bud in your hands it’s time to test it. Good quality bud should be sticky and a little spongy when you gently squeeze it. You should be able to break it apart but not have it crumbling and breaking apart right when you touch it.

You don’t want wet buds because they can grow mildew or mould. 

If the bud is dry and airy this is not a good sign. This means it’s low-quality flower or bud and not want you want to smoke. 


Usually, sativa buds are light and fluffy and indica buds are dense and tight. If an indica plant is not grown right then it will have unfinished buds and visible stems. If you come across buds that are rock-hard then when it was grown the cultivator might have used plant growth regulators which will give the weed an unpleasant taste.

If you come across a bud that is too fluffy it’s a sign that the plant wasn’t grown under enough light density.

Ideally, you want to buy bud that was hand trimmed instead of a bud that is trimmed by a machine. When a machine trims the flowers it might not trim enough of the leaves or it might trim too much of the bud and trim too many trichomes. This means you have less potent cannabis.

Happy Smoking!

Now that you know what to look for when buying weed it’s time to make your choice, sit back, and enjoy. Look for the above signs to make sure you end up with high-quality bud vs low quality. 

Low-grade cannabis can cause adverse reactions such as chest pain or sick feelings. Any mould or mildew smell stay away from it. You wouldn’t eat bread that smelled mouldy don’t smoke marijuana that smells mouldy either.

If you’re looking for the best of the best and ready to buy from a trusted source check out our wide selection today.

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