A Complete Beginner’s Guide to THC and Cannabis Distillates

A Complete Beginner's Guide to THC and Cannabis Distillates

Cannabis use around the world is growing more and more commonplace. Gone is the social stigma of this long-beloved substance: marijuana is here to stay. 

This new life for cannabis is also changing the way that some people use the substance. Increased freedom has meant increased experimentation from marijuana producers, with many creating products that boast increased potency. 

Of these, there are few products more potent than cannabis distillates. If you’re looking for an intense concentration of THC, there’s nary a better product on the market. Most cannabis distillates boast a THC concentration rate of nearly 99%. That’s a major high. 

New to the idea of distillates but want to learn more? Read on and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know. 

What Exactly Is Cannabis Distillate? 

THC distillates are becoming more and more popular among cannabis users and enthusiasts. But what exactly is it? 

Cannabis distillate is essentially a cannabis oil concentrate that boasts high, high levels of THC. Using a distillate means saying goodbye to the impurities and other substances located in most strands and forms of cannabis. What’s left is almost pure and unadulterated THC. 

Distillate manufacturers manage this by purging cannabis through a short loop system. Low temperatures help to distill and collect small compounds from cannabis plants. The size of these extractions was, until recently, not considered possible. 

The short loop process has two steps. First, cannabis terpenes are removed from the plant.

Then, lipids, solvents and other potential impurities such as fertilizer get removed from the product. This process results in a near-pure THC distillate that is odorless and taste-free. Distillate takes the form of a fine oil that is then used in vaporizers, baked into edibles or dabbed. 

Why People Love Cannabis Distillates

If you’re even a casual smoker, you probably know that there’s a huge variety of different ways that one can consume marijuana. Distillate is another method that has certain advantages over other forms of consumption. 

The main advantage that many cannabis users enjoy is that distillate is incredibly pure. It’s very easy to enjoy the benefits of cannabis off of a very small dosage or amount of distillate. The high that a user experiences itself can be quite potent and enjoyable, and the effects can be almost instantaneous if taken orally.

If baked into an edible format, it can take a bit longer for effects to kick in as the THC will need to be taken through the metabolism. 

The purity of distillate can be viewed as a health benefit as well. No one wants to breathe in potential chemicals or carcinogens, but these can sometimes be found in other forms of marijuana. The pure creation process of distillates helps to rid the risk of exposure to these other substances.

This makes distillate also the cleanest form of cannabis consumption. 

The oil form that distillate takes also offers both convenience and discretion to the user. Many cannabis users prefer discrete use and oil-friendly devices like edibles and drops offer the most under-the-wraps form of consumption. Vapes are a bit more apparent but remain a convenient and fairly innocuous way to consume cannabis distillate. 

How To Enjoy Distillates 

Now that you know a bit more about cannabis distillates, you are likely eager or excited to give this new potent product a try. If you’re a distillate beginner, you might not be certain of the best way to use THC distillates.

Luckily, distillates can be integrated successfully into just about any form of cannabis consumption. That means if you already have a favorite or preferred way of using cannabis, you should be able to enjoy the effects of distillates in the same exact way. Another big benefit of cannabis distillates is just how versatile they can be, something that other forms of cannabis can’t boast. 

If you are a big fan of using vapes, it’s easy to integrate distillates into your cannabis routine. Almost all kinds of vapes can be used to enjoy distillate products. When vaped, a THC distillate will provide an almost instantaneous effect on the body. If a distillate has had it terpenes added back in, it might also have a distinct and enjoyable flavor that can be enjoyed via vaping. 

Adding to Joints 

Cannabis distillate can also be easily added to a joint.

The most common form of use is to spread a little bit of distillate oil out across a piece of rolling paper. You can then fill it up with dried, ground flour and roll it as you normally would. Not only can you enjoy the increased potency of your joint, but THC distillate can also improve the taste and burn of your joint. 

By far one of the most common uses of cannabis distillate, however, is in edibles. Many users don’t enjoy edibles because the taste of marijuana doesn’t mix well with the other ingredients. THC distillate can present a solution to this problem, as terpene-free distillate is essentially tasteless. 

That means you can add all the THC you want to an edible without ever having to worry about taste or texture. 

Enjoying The Future Of Cannabis Today

Increased acceptance of cannabis around the world has created amazing opportunities for marijuana enthusiasts. Enjoying cannabis distillates is just one new way to enjoy the effects of marijuana with many added benefits to boot. 

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